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Meet Nikki, The Mom Behind The Blog
Hello. Welcome to this little blog of ours. I’m Nikki, the blogger behind We Are The Humans. I live in Cape Town, on the southernmost tip of Africa. We live in a little semi-detached slice of heaven in Cape Town’s southern suburbs. This “we” I speak of, consists of me, my hairy, farting, bearded, dream man, Regan and our two girls, Sophie and Grace, who hate vegetables almost as much as they hate to sleep. This blog is a labour of love that sometimes feels more like a labour than a love. It doesn’t come easily to me, but I love it so. I am fiercely passionate about motherhood, I love writing about my experiences, my struggles, my triumphs, I love celebrating other mamas. You will read a lot of that. I also love makeup, reading, music, cooking and shopping (only if it’s online, I’m not a masochist). I am also a super Christian. LOL. What’s that? Oh man, I just love my faith, it gives me strength and courage and lights my darkest days. It’s not something I write too much about, but maybe I should?

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