Moving Mania!!! The accumulation of an abundance of stuff... Baby how do you do it?? & Tales of sucky Norwegia... Misery thy knows no bounds...

Monday, February 08, 2010

It has been exactly one week in our glorious new apartment on the West side of Oslo. Moving has been a tumultuous affair. While I, the quintessential immigrant came to Norway with just 40 kilos of the bare essentials, my better half, has managed to amass a wealth of stuff. I was amazed. Partially because I had never seen his stuff before and partially because I have always favored the more Bedouin approach to d├ęcor of less is more. Sheeeeeesh!!!!

He has EVERYTHING!! Even an ice cream machine. I am amazed. My idea of a well stocked home is a home which has 4 cups, plates glasses and a pot or two. I am so lucky to have such a good planner for a lover!

It literally took us 3 days to unpack. And on the fourth day we normalized.

Now that it has been a week and all is back to normal I am resuming my seemingly pointless quest to become a Norwegian tax payer. Yes, the work visa saga is still raging and I am feeling more and more like it is not going to happen. I know it is not right to be pessimistic but in all honesty, its hard to be anything but pessimistic when all I read is publications on the UDI website about how Unlikely it is that I will get a visa. Anyway. On we plod. I will keep my imaginary audience updated.

More about the flat now. As mentioned it is totally fantastic, high ceilings, expansive windows, and gorgeous light. A delectable fireplace. I am so very much in love with it. This weekend we will have a small house warming for friends. I am quite excited.

Life in Norway has stagnated a bit. Every day becomes more and more frustrating with regards to not working and getting my visa paperwork sorted out. I never thought that it would all take this much time. I never thought that it would be quite so difficult. I think the most frustrating thing is that I have been offered a good job, with a decent salary and that I am here in a long term relationship and still it all seems a bit arse about face. Ahhhh.

I think my feelings of loneliness and misery are compounded by the fact that I have no friends here in Oslo, at least none of my own. I came here to start a life with Morten because I love him. So much. But what we are doing now does not feel like much of a life. Pah! Why is it so much to ask for things to just be sorted out?


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