Etsy supply shopping!

12:27 pm

Ski World Cup opens in Oslo today. The city is abuzz with ski nuts! My defense? Stay indoors and buy pretty supplies on Etsy! Here, have a look at what I got:

[1.] Vintage Manila tags for when I flog my wares at the market! So pretty!

[2.] Gorgeous blue lace to tie up my packages when I post dresses all over Norway - I love small details like well wrapped packages :)

[3.] Vintage gold safety pins to attach said tags to dresses - love the quirky shape of these pins!

So that's my Wednesday morning! Now I have to write a proposal and obsessively check the tracking number on my newest batch of dresses! I can't wait to get them!

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  1. Cute! I love using tags as well in letters and packages, makes it a bit more special. xxx


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