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Monday, March 21, 2011

We were at the Sunday market this weekend having a pretty awesome sale.
For those of you reading my blog that don't live in Oslo, the location of the Sunday Market is along the river. It's so pretty in an urban, run down sort of way. The graffiti decorating the area is spectacular.

Arriving early on just under 4 hours sleep. Meh.

Super cute Easter decor from Monica Søvik Design

♥ Bare Egil ♥

Setting up - I need to pimp my stall out with some signs and decor. Will be working on that soon.

Some of the lovey graff stuff.

Happy Monday!

Spoiled Beauty: Mmmm... Love!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Last weekend I got a new nail polish from H&M called spoiled beauty. Its divine. To me, this color is spring. I've used it twice now, and I am seriously considering taking my butt back to H&M to get two more bottles just in case...

It's very seldom that I find a pale pink that suits my skin tone, especially not for 39.50 kr!

Now I am off to walk Berte, the beautiful Boxer I am dog sitting this weekend. She's a dream!
Hope you are all having a splendid Saturday!

☮ + ♥

I'm such a slut for stripes!

Friday, March 18, 2011

So despite the weather in Oslo today [snow] I am determined to believe that Spring is on its way.
Normally I usually have a giant fashion boner for floral and pastels in Spring, but this year, I am really feeling stripes. Now, I know what you're going to say, stripes/nautical vibes are kinda last season. To those naysayers, I say I care not!

Bit of a stripe explosion here for your viewing pleasure:

As Marian Keyes said,
"The years have been kind to me, it's the weekends that have done the damage"
Have a good one!

Friday Fav's Part 5: Affordable Luxuries!

Friday Favorites time again! Woohoo! This week I was inspired by a post I saw on the Epla Forum, about March being a relatively slow month for sales. Probably for many reasons, for us its been ok. But it got me thinking about how expensive life in Oslo can be. So in that chain of thought, this weeks fav's are all under 200 kr! Not that you could tell by looking at them, they are all too lovely!

[You'll notice I squeezed in a few pillows, I'm in a pillow phase now]

Anti-Clockwise from the left:
[1.] Ah! I just love the colors on this pin cushion. So pretty. 85kr [2.] Gorgeous white floral candsticks. These would look sooo good on my kitchen table! [3.] Vintage 70's throw pillow. The patterning is divine. [4.] Whoa now! I stumbled upon these beauties, in my size! Which almost never happens as I've elephant feet. Gorgeous!

Anti-Clockwise from the left:
[1.] Love this belt, the buckle is spectacular. [2.] Super fun turquoise polka dot earrings. [3.] Bangles! What's not to love. One of my most favorite sounds is the jingle of chunky bangles. [4.] Yes, I know, another pin cushion, what's going on? Its just so cute, I'm such a sucker for small bits like this! [5.] Seat cushion, so spring inspired. I can just picture this decorating a bench on my imaginary balcony.

So that's my fav's for this Friday. I'm really happy with the selection.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Go out and enjoy some sun!
☮ + ♥

Off Off Off Off

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Hello Friends!

Lately I have been feeling so bored! And in need of a challenge. Nothing big, just something to take my mind somewhere new. I need to learn a lesson, get lost in an experience. Knowing myself as well s I do I know that this feeling of general blahness is probably nothing, so I think the cure is a few days with the internet. Real Life!

Oh my god how scary.

In the meantime, here's a plastic fork carpet to keep you entertained!

Image via We Make Carpets


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