Friday Fav's on Epla: Part 4: All about the white!

It's Friday! Hurra! This weeks Friday Fav's is inspired by the random bit of snow we got in Oslo yesterday. I'm going for all white! I have to admit I was a bit bummed that it snowed so much yesterday, after the lovely weather we've been having I thought for sure it was time for the snow to melt and Spring to get its groove on. But alas, that was just the immigrant in me being a bit too wishful for the season!

So here you are, wonderful white wares. Hope you like them as much as I do!

Clockwise from the right:
[1.] Ceramic white swan - totally love this one. I am thinking of buying it for myself :) [2.] So I don't have an Ipod or an Iphone but I love how innovative the accessories are, this owl case is so cute. [3.] This particular design/head is one of my favorites. My grandmother has an old necklace with a similar design. I am always so nostalgic when I see these Victorian designs, this one so beautiful. [4.] I was at an exhibition opening the other night at the National Gallery and I saw Tasty Designs in the gift shop, LOVE her stuff. Its so fun and quirky. [5.] What can I say, Vintage Gucci, what's not to love?

Clockwise from the right:
[1.] Last week I also featured a dress from MissM, she has such great stuff, so I thought I would use this lovely white 70's dress this week. 70's is back for Spring/Summer, instead of getting the H&M crappy 70's inspired stuff, why not make the effort to find quality vintage? [2.] These buttons from Nordic Stitches are so sweet. I especially love the red castle. Plus they are 30% off right now! [3.] Vintage elastic trim, so pretty, I love collecting various trims, I actually use them for gift and package wrapping. Adds a little something extra I think.

So that was this week's Friday Fav's! I hope you liked them. I certainly do. Next week I think I will try to do write this post on Thursday evening. If you have any suggestions for a theme for next week do tell!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. I just love the way you display youre favorites. It all looks so pretty!!!

  2. Ah but its great products mostly :)

  3. Beautiful friday fav's! Thank you for including my iPhone-case :)


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