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Monday, March 21, 2011

We were at the Sunday market this weekend having a pretty awesome sale.
For those of you reading my blog that don't live in Oslo, the location of the Sunday Market is along the river. It's so pretty in an urban, run down sort of way. The graffiti decorating the area is spectacular.

Arriving early on just under 4 hours sleep. Meh.

Super cute Easter decor from Monica Søvik Design

♥ Bare Egil ♥

Setting up - I need to pimp my stall out with some signs and decor. Will be working on that soon.

Some of the lovey graff stuff.

Happy Monday!


  1. Great photos! Keep up the good work! <3

  2. Så stilige bilder :D Hvordan er det på søndagsmarkedet? Jeg har bare vært på Birkelunden, og da solgte jeg veldig lite vintage, masse av de andre bruke klærne mine, men ikke vintage...
    Jeg bor uansett ikke i Oslo, så det er alltid litt stress å dra med seg alt inn ;)

  3. MissM: The market is great. It can sometimes be a quite slow, with not many people coming by and other times its moderately busy. I sell here in winter as its indoors, but I think when it comes to vintage perhaps Birkelunden is the best, I will be selling here in spring/summer. I think because Birkelunden is so open and easy to find it gets a lot more people walking by. Whereas at the Sunday Market at Blaa, its a bit off the beaten track so you get the people out for Sunday walks but they seldom buy anything.

    I think its both good markets but for summer I will definately be at Birkelunden.

  4. I will probably be at Birkelunden one or two times this summer :)

    I jused one of the dresses i bought from you yesterday, and I got so many compliments :) I have been linking to you from my blog also, so hopfully more peole will find youre store now ;)

  5. Nice photos:) never been at the sunday marked.

  6. Elsker Blå,bare så synd jeg bor så langt unna Oslo...

    Liker veldig godt Epla-butikken din hele konseptet,
    fra flotte bilder til header,gjennomført :)!


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