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Urgh! A rainy, overcast Sunday in Oslo today. I was so hoping the weather would be gloriously wonderful but alas, no such luck. Rain & grey skies.

Of course this means I can't do a Sunday in the city blog post, so instead I am sitting on the couch listening to some AWESOME tunes and trolling finn.no for lovely retro furniture. When I am bored I often find myself going through the finn.no pages. I'm a collector and all sorts of crap, well not really crap to me, but I am pretty sure that I will end up being one of those old ladies that has a house packed of all kinds of unimaginable treasures and collectibles. A bit like my gran :D

Anyway, here are some of my favorites items I found on finn.no today! Hope you like!

From the top left:
{1.} I have always dreamed of having a roll-top desk. In my mind it would be positioned facing a window that overlooked a meadow or had an ocean view and I would pen wonderful letters to dear friends while occasionally glancing out of the window pensively... This one is especially beautiful as it is in such mint condition. The price is a modest 900 kr. Here is the finn.no listing {2.} The finn.no ad for this sofa says that it dates back to 1946! How rad. I really adore this shape and the wooden arm rests are beautiful, not to mention the utterly gorgeous color. Is it possible to fall in love with a sofa? I think so... Also, its only 700 kr & comes with 2 arm chairs!

From the top left:
{1.} In this image, this gorgeous cabinet is used in a bedroom, I would paint it white or celadon/teal & use it in my kitchen to store my love's growing collection of recipe books. Want to know something even more awesome about this cabinet? Its only 200 kr! I know! Can you say bargain? {2.} Saw this table & I can't help but think of Mad Men, totally different era but it has that Don Draper's office feeling to it. So lovely. It would be a great hallway table! Here's the link. {3.} My bedroom is pretty big compared to the Oslo standard, but it is still not big enough to accommodate a dressing table such as this one. It is very pretty though... Meh, I want it! {4.} Last but not least we have a white Formica [respatex] table with some sassy red chairs. Very cool, although I have always preferred the un-upholstered chairs.

Happy Sunday friends!

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