Friday Fav's: Edition {åtte}: For the love of vintage!

It's been a while since our last Friday Fav's! We have been manically busy making travel plans, as you will know from my previous post, I will be closing our Epla store for June & July as I will be off to Africa! So exciting.

{On a side note we only have 5 dresses left so I've decided that if you spend 250kr or more we will offer you free shipping go have a look at the last bits of stock we have!}

With that in mind, I thought that this Friday I would share with you my favorite Epla vintage stores so that you wont miss us too much :D

[Images link to mentioned stores]

missM: Definitely one of my {F A V O R I T E} epla stores, missM stocks a wide range of vintage items, most notable for me however is her fantastic range of dresses!
The sound of vintage: Another great store with a wide range of items, very sweet blouses!

Perlepiken: Very cute items, especially loving these shorts. Perfect for parklife in the summer or teamed with tights and boots they would be awesome for Autumn as well. Perlepiken is also this weeks featured store on Epla Mote. Go have a read!
Sorias Vintage: has a really wonderful selection of clothing, accessories & home ware.

blufair BOUTIQUE: another one of my fav's. blufair stocks a really impressive range of accessories, look out for sassy designer brands.

That's all from me! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Nikki Lincoln

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  1. Hello !

    Thank you a lot
    - for this post
    -your beautiful blog and very nice shop on Epla ☺
    -to bring beauty and inspiration to others!

  2. Great finds!
    Have a happy weekend!

  3. Thank you so much! It's so sweet of you!:-) I love the presentation of the dresses in your store, and I allways hope for summer when I see all the beautiful, high quality dresses you sell!:-)

    Have a awsome trip to Africa!:-D


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