What Ella Wore

Monday, October 24, 2011

 We often hear that fashion is for all shapes and sizes, and I think ages too. My lovely niece, light of my life, Ella is only 3, but she is already a precocious little madame. 

She picks her own outfits for school and like us, she occasionally misses the mark a bit, but most of the time she is quite spot on. Her adorable 3 year old styling has prompted me to add a "What Ella Wore" thread to the blog. 

This was the outfit she picked for school today. 


I probably wont blog too much about her as she is very difficult to photograph, but you can expect to see more of her! 

Happy Monday!! 

Working Girl: First day at my new job!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I am a working girl! I have a new job that is beyond fantastic and probably the closest I will get to my DREAM this side of 30. Yesterday was my first day and as I haven't really had a regular job for quite some time I was a bit at a loss about what one wears... So I came up with many outfits, tried on, took off, different hair, different accessories  etc etc. Summer in cape Town also makes it a bit difficult as it is exceptionally warm. 

Eventually I settled on the following: 

Comfortablly casual with small hits of business. What do you think? 

 Top: Agyness Deyn for Mr. Price  Three Quarter Trousers: Country Road 

Bag: Chloe {a few seasons old, but one of my fav's as its HUGE} Shoes: Country Road 

Anyway, that's me at work. Today I am all in black! Not blog worthy I'm afraid! I really want to tell you all about the best mascara in the world. I have found it, and it is ridiculous. When I went to work this morning someone actually thought I had fake lashes on! Yes! That good! But that's for tomorrow. 

This weekend I am off to the markets! Will blog about it on Sunday eve! I can't wait to share my little slice of Africa with you! 


With love, from a wonderfully rocked daisy!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This past weekend Capetonians {which is what us mountain dwellers call ourselves} flocked to the little farm populated town of Darling {best name for a town, ever} to enjoy the sunshine, 33 degrees and then some, some music, and fabulous wine.

Rocking The Daisies music festival is held every year at the beginning of Spring. And really what it is is just a fabulous celebration of South African music and fun. I had a blast! I'm not usually one for tents and roughing it but this years festival proved to be quite a luxurious experience.

Here are some pics:

The main stage, BAKING under the sexy African sun 

 This guy! He is a man with a plan. 

Tree of love 

The festival is quite concerned with social responsibility, especially when it comes to this great Earth we live on. Even the signs to the recycle bins were made of recycled materials. 

More recycled recycling

 There was also a bit on an exhibition. Not very interesting but I quite liked this photograph. 

Some LOVELY vintage goodies were found by yours truly :) 

Daisy lights! 

So yes, this was my weekend. In other news life back home has taken a very delightful swing in very delightful directions. I am very sorry that I haven't been blogging much but there has been much on the agenda and now that life has settled down you can expect frequently frequent updates! 

Hope you are all having a tasty Tuesday! I am off to eat some lunch at Birds Cafe in the center of Cape Town now. Hmmm, I will HAVE to blog about that later. Birds is a divine experience. 

Love! Love! Love! 


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