Just a minute: goodbye Movember // hello December

Thursday, December 01, 2011

I know this is totally cliche but OH MY GOD IT IS DECEMBER ALREADY!!! How did this happen? I blinked and the year ended. So n honor of month's ending and month's beginning,  I want to introduce my short monthly catch up. I have adopted the format of this of Adeline, who is so very amazing at writing her "Just a Minute" posts that I thought I would do it too. 

Buying: Summer frocks, more on this later :) 

Drinking: South African wine! Hooray for living in a wine producing country again!!! So many very exciting blends.  

Eating: Salad. Its summer here now and summer in Africa is muay caliente! Usually around 30 ish degrees. In my mind thats too hot for cooked food. 

Listening To: Bon Iver - so much of it that I feel like my thoughts are being processed to their music.

Reading: Or rather colouring, Colour Africa Proverbs is the first in a series of children's colouring books that illustrate African proverbs. I had originally bought it for my niece but ended up keeping it and colouring it in myself. 

Going To: Cold Turkey - the biggest, dub step bbq in the Southern hemisphere. 

Loving: My awesome new job! 

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  1. Sounds awesome! I hope you'll share some pages of your colouring book for us to see. And yes to wine proudcing countries! WIth global warming, they should start here in a couple of years eh. Dec 1st and still no snow, can you effing believe it?!


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