Just a minute in 2011: The Super Awesome ABC's of change

Last month I offered up my very first 'Just a Minute' post. As it is December, I am going to do this months post as a 2011 round up. So much has happened this year, I actually find it quite daunting to even begin writing this post. 

Never the less, here goes in alphabetical order no less...

Admiring.. all the amazing design in South Africa. I forgot how much talent exists in this gorgeous country I call home. 
Annoying.. my little brother because I have rekindled my teenage obsession with Donkey Kong. Oh yes! 
Applauding... The MyCiti bus system in Cape Town. Finally! Finally! We are taking public transport seriously in South Africa and its about effing time! 
Avoiding... the sun. I know, I know... It's just that it's so hot. I think I kind of forgot how hot it gets in Africa. 

Breathing... the fresh Atlantic air. 

Colouring... The Colour Africa proverbs colouring in book. So well designed, so well thought out, so well priced. I adore this book. I will blog some of my colouring attempts in 2012. How rad is it that I can just say I'll do it in 2012 and its like a stones throw away?! So ready! 
Confessing... that I just don't know, and really being ok with that :) 
Considering... what 2012 holds for me. Where I will go, who I will meet, what I will do... The possibilities are, as they say, endless. 
Counting... down the last days of 2011. Counting up to 2012! 

Deciding... whether to let my hair grow long again or keep it short. I miss having princess hair. 
Depending... on no one but myself. 
Discovering... the hidden gems of Africa. 

Ending... I read this thing the other day that said, "Let the bridges you burn light your way" -- no  matter what we do, shit ends, most things run their course, life is finite and all that, 2011 has, in almost every way been a year of endings for me, and unlike the popular sentiment of being sad when things are over, I have surprised myself with the amount of rejoicing I have done. After all, we can only begin new chapters when old ones have closed. Here's to that! 
Escaping... the hustle and bustle of the city for a New Years retreat! Oh yes

Fearing... nothing actually :) 
Following... you

Guarding... myself. 

Hoping.. for a long lasting tan, when I finally get my sun time that is. 
Hurrying... everywhere, all the time. Why am I so busy?! I can't say how much I am looking forward to the Christmas holiday. Life's been totally manic! 

Ignoring... useless communication. 
Increasing... the amount of protein I am eating. Meat! Meat! Meat! Cheese! Cheese! Cheese! 
Inventing... new ways to say no. 

Kissing... frogs, hoping they stay frogs, so not ready for the Prince. 

Laughing... as much as possible, at everything I can. 
Learning... how to enroll myself in University. Hello 2012 - the year of the continued education!
Listening... to Lana Del Rey & The She & Him Christmas Album

Managing... my work// private life balance. Its quite messed up right now, but I'm sure the scales will tip again come March! 
Missing... very little. So in love with the present. 
Needing... more sleep and these Jeffery Campbell's. 

Offending... my family, every chance I get. 

Packing... Hello Africa. 
Phoning... everyone. I have re-established a relationship with my cellphone. Guess what? I now use it to have conversations, instead of just communicate, its rad. I don't know how long it been since I actually made an effort to keep in touch with  the day to day drab of my friends lives. Now I know it all. Go on ask me. I know its your 5 month old's monthly birthday, even though I think its silly to celebrate the fact that its now a 6 month old. 
Planning... to quit smoking. this need to move out of the planning phase and into the action phase. On the plus side though, 2011 has witnessed some seriously impressive attempts to quit. 

Queuing... for those Christmas gifts. 

Reflecting... on the changes made and how overdue they were. 
Remembering... that I need to spend more time with my grandparents. 

Sniffing... the city with Norwegian smell scientist Sissel TolĂ„s -- love my job! 

Traveling... lots! 
Tasting... wine

Using... the Air Conditioning. Did I mention how warm it is? 

Visiting... all my old favorite places... this week it has been Kirstenbosch Gardens. A magical place. 

Walking... as often as possible. But honestly, not often enough. cape Town is not a walking city. or it can be, I just need to make the effort. 
Whistling... thanks to Ella, my niece, who is 3, she taught me how to whistle. 

Yawning... right now. Do you think typing the word yawn is the same as seeing someone yawn because I just yawned 4 times :0

Zooming... in! 

For real though, those who know me, will know that 2011 has at times kicked my ass and really, I would just love to forget that the first half ever happened and I can't stop clapping because the last half turned out so good. 

I hope you all have a magical Christmas & a super awesome New Year. 

Much love & happiness! 

Nikki Lincoln

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  1. WOW great list!
    Loving the Colour Africa Proverbs book is gorgeous!
    And loving you! Farewell 2011 and welcome 2012!


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