Retro Africa in Marie Clarie's January 2012 Issue

Saturday, December 24, 2011

How lovely is this retro styled fashion shoot in January's Marie Claire? It calls to mind those iconic images of Miriam Makeba in Sophiatown and Drum Magazine covers... 

The bright shades of make up are so totally bold. The coral lipstick in the left image does remind me a little of "Black Face" though. Everything sort of pops out at you, and the colour combinations are scream summer! 

The right images makes me miss the wardrobe I used to have. I wish I had my old clothes back from Oslo already. I have a very similar dress to the one pictured. 

Cheeky cheeks! This shot is beautiful, her posture, the colours, the way her mouth is just a bit open. I love it. Its so great to see magazines making use of such wonderful imagery. 

What do you think of this shoot? Yes or No? 


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    That last picture is GORGEOUS. I'm all about cheeky cheeks lately but I haven't reached that level of blush... yet.

  2. Wow, I love this shoot. The colors are amazing, and the modell is so pretty, love the make-up. It is a bit crazy, but not to much!

  3. I know, at first i thought it looked a bit like clown make up, but the more I looked at the more I loved it. I am no where near bold enough to wear my make up anywhere close to this but I do love it so!

    Hope you girls had a super awesome holiday seasons!


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