Just a Minute: January, you old dog!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Oh yeah... January... That's the month I get older.

All in all it was a totally fabulous month that flew by so fast I still can't believe its done with. Here are my highlights:

Watching: Urbanized-- getting inspired about city spaces and feeling so great about living in a rapidly developing African, urban landscape.
Listening: Cloud Nothings... cloud nothings... CLOUD NOTHINGS // I am so obsessed. 
Looking: Haggard and exhausted
Buying: New shoes 
Reading: The Feb issue of Monocle

How was January for you?

Hello? Aladdin? It's Jasmine calling....

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tomorrow is my birthday! 
Yay me! 

To celebrate I went to the shops with the intention of blowing mass amounts of money on clothes... as usual I couldn't find ANYTHING I liked. Then I popped into Woolwoths... For my non South African readers, Woolworths is an awesome department store, they sell food (which is what I was going in for) and clothing. 

I stumbled upon these divine "genie" shoes, I call them genie shoes because they remind me of the movie Aladdin. I love them! And can you believe the totally lush fabrics? red velvet and leopard print?! I had to get both pairs! 

I am so in love with these! 

So them be my birthday buys. The best part about these shoes is that they only cost R180! About 100kr Please excuse my long grass, my garden is going for the jungle chic look at the moment :) 

Happy days! 

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Hey you! Hipster! Yes, you....

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chilean artist Fabio Ciraolo created these absolutely lovely images of "hipster" icons. I am so amazed, basically I just want to be hipster Frida married to hipster Che. 

Hipster Che -- has he ever looked sexier? 

Totally edgy hipster Cleopatra - I think she would be so proud of this likeness. 

Hipster Frida -- in my next life I just want to be her! 

hipster Salvador (Dali) very eccentric! 

have a look at Fabio's site for more of his arts! 

Sugar, Spice & All Things Nice

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sugar! Honey! Honey!

Ah I am so in love with the palette of the Mulberry S/S Campaign.  

Doesn't it make you want to venture out for Gelato? 

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Monday Music Moment: Dear Jens, Let's make a baby

Monday, January 09, 2012

I don't often write posts about music, mostly because I know my music taste is peculiar and everyone is so indie these days, my entire record collection reads like a guilty pleasure. It's almost a shame. Almost.

A long while ago I started listening to Jens Lekman, after about 2 minutes of song and dance I was lost. his music is difficult to describe if your haven't heard it before, Pitchfork.com did the best job of it by saying: 

"Seldom does such wonderful music sound so comically awful when you try to describe it to someone. "Man, he's amazing, like Neil Sedaka with a bit of a head cold singing over the Love Boat theme song." By the time you get that far, dude is already backing away slowly. A Swedish indie-pop dramatist who introduces sarcastic modernity to the most gloriously moribund styles of the 20th century-- from orientalist world music to suburban exotica-- Lekman guides an enthusiastic tour through the dustiest yard-sale record collections, conjuring obscure shades of Henry Mancini, Harry Belafonte, and Bobby McFerrin. Smooth saxes and indigenous flutes jostle against some of the most quotable one-liners this side of Das Racist"

The title track of Jen's latest album, "An Argument With Myself" has saved my mood on many days. Especially the words: 

And it took shape in the form of an image in the form of a living memory
The way her shadow used to walk by your side 
In a different time, in a different city 

Ah so magical. Here, listen to it again. 

Have a splendid Monday!! Its the 2nd week of 2012 y'alls! Hope its off to a rocking start!

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Colour me crazy...

Friday, January 06, 2012

I love colouring as much as the next person but the 'Les 4 Mondes' colouring book form Hermes is just a touch out of my price range. At $135 per book, this is likely the most expensive colouring book in the world. 
Here are some images from the book: 

Cover Image -- It kind of reminds me of an old book I once had on European mythology. Similar style of illustration. 

Inside pages -- Really crushing on the fox. My fingers are itching to colour!!

 More from inside -- I really love it, but I'm just not certain I love it $135 much. 

Would you get it? 

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The Boombox Project: Something I really adored watching

Thursday, January 05, 2012

The Boombox project is a short, almost 8 minute long film paying homage to that forgotten gem, the boombox. 

It is beautifully filmed, easy to watch and really eased the dust off my Thursday. have a look.

Watch it and tell me what you think? 

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