My Weekend in Pictures

Sunday, February 05, 2012

A bit of a weekend round up for you all. Hope yours was as awesome as mine! Its been baking hot in Cape Town for the past 2 weeks. Saturday was 35 degrees and today is 37! I am in happyland! 

So here is my round up, starting with a pencil, ending with a monkey: 

{1} I have been making so many lists and working so very hard that my favorite blue sparkle pencil is very close to retiring form this world. I hope it had a good life. {2} I got some cute crochet shoes, at first they were a total YAY purchase, but then I wore them and they kind of hurt my feet. Got them at Mr. Price, the Primark of South Africa. {3} I read the Feb issue of Monocle, COVER to COVER. There are so many good reads in this one. My favorite article was on Tsutaya Books -- a revolutionary approach to the retail side of the publishing world. {4} I cut all my hair off. More on this later. {5} I finally got the back tattoo I have wanted for ages now. Hurra! After spending a lot of time checking for references and walking about to various parlous in Cape Town, I ended up going to one that is right down the road from me and didn't even know was there. Cape Electric Tattoo in Buitensingel road. Its totally rad. Ask for Gareth. Also, they have the NICEST lady person working there named Sam, she bought me a coke today and I totally forgot to pay her for it. {6} I helped out at my granny's church bazaar. I manned the toy sales. made a killing and scored 2 lovely vintage dresses for R20! 

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    Nikki you rock it! You look stunning!!!!

  2. Thanks my sweet! I am SO happy with it. Its way too hot to have long hair right now. Hope you had a groovy weekend!! x's & o's


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