Tattoo Tuesday Part 1: Hello! I permanently changed the look of my body... again...

When ever I tell people that I have tattoo's and plan to get more I actually feel like I have to make it sound cool. Like in a way I am not cool enough to be as obsessed with tattoo's as I am. I will often refer to my tattoo's as "ink", "pieces" or "work". I really want to tell you all about the latest addition to my little collection of tattoo's. and I am probably going to sound lame, uncool and yes, a little bit dorky. So brace yourself for the nerdon. 

{I had it done at Cape Electric Tattoo -- by Gareth. I was totally over the moon with the his work. I was also super quiet the whole time he did it and I think it might have been a little weird that I didn't complain or even say ouch once. Gareth, if you ever read this, it did hurt, but I kind of enjoyed knowing that I could tolerate that little bit of pain in total silence.} 

Every tattoo I have has come on as a spur of the moment decision. I am a spur of the moment person some time, not always, but usually with tattoo's. This one was a long while coming. Mostly because it would be so big and I have been mulling it over. Now that I have it I can't stop loving it. I love it every day. Sometimes even twice in the morning. Its just so pretty. 

Now its done, I am so happy and I cannot wait for the scabby stage to pass on by so that I can get all the colour work done. 

{By the way, the anchor in the middle is the older tattoo} 


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  1. Pretty! Can't wait to see it colored!
    Are you going to cover the anchor?

  2. Takk takk! Don't have any immediate plans to cover it. I am already thinking of ways to fill the space around the hands and the anchor though. I am really happy with it. The colour will be in the leaves and the roses.


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