Brilliant Ideas I had While Stoned...

8:30 am

Cool Material  is one of my favorite online stores. Its another one of those "curated" online shops, but their stuff is actually very nice. While doing a birthday browse for a friend of mine I stumbled on these gems: 

So I know this one guy, let's just call him Adam, he was one of those stoners that always had a good idea to share, from awesomely retarded zombie movie plots, to get rich quick schemes, there was never a dull moment. If he was the sort of person I would get a gift for, it would definitely be a pack of these note books. Maybe you know a stoner that would benefit? 

Even if you don't know many stoners, I'd say a visit to Cool Material would be worthwhile, because, well.. they have lots of cool material {oh my god! I know! That was too lame!} 

Have a great day dudes! 

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