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Monday, March 26, 2012

I spent the end of last week in a total state of misery. I was so sick, I was so miserable and I was so not interested in moving my ass off the couch to do ANYTHING. It was even worse because Cape Town never got the memo about it being Autumn, its literally baking hot still :( 

I guess the best cure for feeling down in the dumps is to get up off your ass and take in some fresh air (and lots of white wine) -- which is precisely what I did! 

Here are some pics: 

{1} I bought a new silver orb ring and a vintage floral pleated skirts, pleats are a thing again. I am so happy about this because I adore a good pleat

{2}Went for a glass of wine at Fork which is a tapas restaurant in Long Street. They have one of the best balconies in the city if you are ever looking for a pretty place to kick it in the sun. Next door to Fork is the Pan African Market, which sells, amongst other thing a wide array of African Face Masks. Totally weird and macabre.

{3} Sarah and I then escaped the overly zealous Fork waiter and went on to &Union for Portebello Mushroom burgers and a bottle of wine. 

{4} After this day drinking binge I was only slightly tipsy (lies) and in my tipsy state I thought it'd be great to go visit my brother. Ryan and I listened to drum & bass and tried on fake mustaches. 

I then went home to pass out face first into my soft pillows. Actually... first I watched Dirty Dancing. Which I have decided has the best soundtrack if you are drunk. 

Hope you all had a splendid weekend! 


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  1. Haha! Could you be even more awesome! That mustache shot is GOLD.


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