The Panic Room:the Jekyll & Hyde of hotel decor

Art hotel, Au Vieux Panier in Marseille has a panic room... or rather, it has The Panic Room - a suite decorated, and I use the word so very loosely because this goes beyond decor, by the totally awe inspiring street artist Tilt

In half of the room he utilized a white monotone palette. Very sober, very clean, very silent. 

The second half of the room is basically a cluster fuck of colour, words and energy. To me, it channels a kind of inner sensation that I almost always feel white traveling, a sense of total panic and wonderment and awe while parallelly holding on to a sense of total calm and relaxation. 

Its totally magical. I definitely don't need to look for reasons to visit France, but if I did... If I did! I'd probably use this room as the title to that list. 

 For more of Tilt's work visit his website or to see more of the Panic Room visit The Big Addict website

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