Treadlie - Our Obsession With Biking Continued...

Treadlie is a magazine about biking. Not the gross, sweaty cycling stuff, the casual inner city "brunch to lunch" mode of transport we have all grown to love. Be it decked out in our vintage frocks astride our vintage rides, or in uber hip denim garb on an even hipper single speed Danish bike {I almost typed single speed Danish dude – oh how we can wish}, what ever the preference we do so love a bike and Treadlie gets this! They brand themselves as a magazine dedicated fashion, culture and design (with a bike focus). 

Have a look at some snaps from their latest issue #6

If you're not in Australia, you can download the Treadlie iPad or iPhone app from the app store. Follow them on Twitter too for awesome bike like tweets! 

Bike on! 

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