CUSS TV – Schooling us on JHB based bloggers

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Being a blogger can often feel like a bit on an isolating hobby. I have always said that is highly egocentric and self-involved (I am sure these form part of my reasons for loving it). Being more of an avid blog reader than a blog writer I am always in awe of how the internet brings communities together, places, people, things we would never have experienced before suddenly become our Monday morning water cooler conversation fodder.

Learning about the world is why I adore the internet, learning about people is why I adore blogging. South African artist collective CUSS ZA made this awesome film about bloggers based in Johannesburg, and even though Johannesburg is a quick 2 hour flight from Cape Town, I still found this super interesting to view.

Its only 6.18 minutes, so if you feel like learning a bit about a new vibe do watch!

Happy Wednesday my lovelies!

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