A Very Pantone Breakfast

Have you heard of Emile Griottes? He has an amazing food blog called Griottes - every time I visit his site my mouth waters and my eyes bulge and my tummy rumbles. Lately I have been so busy failing at the work life balance thing, that I haven't had time to do my usual blog stalking. So imagine my shock and awe when i visited Emile's blog and saw these amazing Pantone inspired tarts?

I won't lie, normally i scoff at all of the commercialism surrounding the Pantone brand, but these are absolutely divine. And look absolutely delish. 

Hope you are all having a stellar Wednesday! 

images via - Plenty of Colour

Nikki Lincoln

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  1. I'm a sucker for anything Pantone and this is the best thing ever.

    1. I knew you'd like it! Hope you're enjoying your vaykayyy in France! Miss you boooonches!


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