Friday Favourites Part 8: Things I fell in love with this week

11:51 am

When I lived in Olso I used to do a Friday Favorites post in which I showcased my favorite findings for the week. Since moving back to south Africa I haven’t done one of those posts. I’m doing one today because I woke up this morning feeling like I needed to remind myself of all the lovely things in the world.

So here are something’s I absolutely fell in love with this week: 

2] The Inbetweeners - a British TV show about a group of misfit teenage boys and their journey through high school. It's so funny. I laughed until I lost my breath
3] Urban Outfitters LISTN #14 playlist. I've been listening to this one all week long :) 
4] Home décor pins on Pinterest because I have 17 days until my big move and while my to-do list grows my inspiration shrinks
5] Minimalist tattoos – because I want many more but find myself struggling to commit to larger pieces.

What sort of things have lifted your spirits this week? 

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