Just A Minute in June: The Ups + Downs Of It All

Thursday, July 05, 2012

I know it's 5 days into July already so this post is slightly over due, nevertheless here it is.

June was a complicated month for me. I didn't have much time to blog and when I did it was quite detached. I didn't have time to read much other than magazines and listening to music, well, I actually think I over dosed on music this month... 

Here are the highlights: 

Buying...House things – I’ve always loved moving house, the sheer joy and excitement of a new place to rest my head, refreshing new d├ęcor possibilities etc. I spent a lot of time looking for my new flat. It was tiresome and finally I found the gem I was waiting for: wooden floors, big windows, high ceilings, lots of warmth. I literally cannot wait to move. June was spent hunter/gathering do dads and niknaks for my lovely new apartment. 
Enjoying...not much, to be honest I have been perpetually grumpy for most of June. 

Reading... I really haven’t had much time to read anything of substance this month :/ Hopefully July will hold more in the way literary musings. 

Listening... To an unhealthy amount of Fleetwood Mac & Credence Clearwater Revival. Yes, I know, it must stop… but I don’t want it to. 

Watching...Alphas – which is a really really shitty TV show about a group of people with special powers, even though its cheesy, predictable and cringe worthy, I can’t stop watching it. 

Eating...Everything in sight! Winter does nothing for my waistline, I just crave comfort food and I've been letting myself go wild. Time to exercise some restraint in an attempt to avoid a huge panic before summer shows up again.

Learning… That my irrational fear of the dentist is actually based on my irrational fear of being put under... 

Attempting... to make an Ombre Cake for my house warming. I've been doing a few trial runs and practicing with different shades if icing... once its perfected i'll blog it. 

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