Ombre... Is it the new Pantone or the new Tie Dye?

Friday, July 06, 2012

Hey! Dude! I heard you like  Ombrė so we  Ombrė'd your  Ombrė , now you can  Ombrė while you  Ombrė .....

Remember when tie dye was a thing and people used to like literally tie dye every fucking part of their immediate realities? T-shits, towels, handbags, sneakers. It was ridiculous! 

Comparatively, Pantone was/is also a thing that is spread (in my opinion) a little too widely across the realm of product design. 

Now there’s Ombrė… Started off as a hair colour… now, well it is drowning in a wave of hyper commercialism… Ombrė everything. I’m all Ombrė’d out man! I wish trends moved along faster because I know that while Ombrė is at the downward slope of its life, I’m still going to be seeing a lot of it. 

Here are some examples Ombrė Insanity taken from the Shrine to Ombrė (aka Pinterest

Are we in a place yet where we can admit that Ombrė & Tie Dye are basically the same thing? 

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