HBO's GIRLS: my current obsession

5:25 pm

I recently started watching HBO's show Girls... I often get absorbed by tv, usually there either has to be a fabulous story line or fabulous clothing. Girls has everything I want (read: need) from a tv show. How else would I be able to laugh at a white 20 something Jewish girl accidentally smoking crack? Or find out more about "the stuff that gets up around the side of condoms."

So you can imagine my relief when I stumbled across these amazing Girls Paper Dolls by Vulture --- click the link to download friends. 

Now I am going to kick back, put on some Robyn and dance with my Hannah and Marnie dolls! 

According to Wikipedia, Season 2 will begin in January 2013! Here's a sneak peak... So exciting! 

Have a groovy Thursday! 

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