Just a Minute: November you were amazing!

Friday, November 30, 2012

It's summer in Cape Town guys! 

Unfortunately, the first two months of summer bring with it a nasty South Easterly wind, so all of us Capetonians have spent the better part of November complaining about the dreadful wind. Other than being perpetually windswept, November has been great and I don't think I have ever been happier :) 

Reading - Blog Inc. by Joy Deangdeelert Cho -- its proving to be a credible, helpful resource for new and seasoned bloggers.
Listening - to the oh so awesome new Andy Scott album, Luxury Problems.  
Watching - Forrest Gump at the foot of the mountain -- thank you Galileo Outdoor Cinema for such a magical experience. 
Loving - everything about my life at the moment! 
Wanting - This swim suit from Lambley... I'm not sure if it will fit my massive belly and ample boobage though...

Hope you all had a groovy November! Here's to a very festive (and hopefully less windy) December! 

Gifting 101: Suggestions for Girlfriends & Sisters

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

'Tis the season to be jolly (and broke). 

One of the reasons why I love Christmas so much is because of gifts. I love giving them, receiving them, wrapping them up, putting them under the tree. There is such joy to be found in the act of gift giving. I thought I'd put together some gift suggestions for girlfriends, as in "hey, girlfriend!" {and not girlfriend-love-of-your-life} and sisters. 

While I am a self confessed lover of all things product, I really hate shopping and crowds, if its available online I will buy it! In South Africa we have been a little behind the local based online shopping scene, but we're catching up quickly. A great example of this is 36Boutiques, one of my all time favourite local online shops. All of my suggestions are available online at 36Boutiques

The list is as follows: 
2. Jo Borkett -- Silk printed scarf
3. Anomali -- Indian Style Hair Pin 
6. Katema -- Eton collar with studs
7. Civetta Sparks -- Swarovski crystals earrings
8. Jinger Jack -- Genuine leather clutch
9. Handmade By Me -- Pretty Proteas patterned Pillow
10. Moleskine -- A5 Carnet Style journal

What sort of things will be stuffed in your stockings this Christmas? Personally I am hoping one of my girlfriends or sisters gets me the Nuxe body oil, its been my life blood during my pregnancy. 

Happy Tuesday! 

Has Your Home Has Been Invaded By Hipsters?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Amazing, Portland based graphic artist Nina Montenegro, did these marvellous illustrations of classic hipster home d├ęcor. While I may be guilty of some of these, I do think there are a few odd ones in the mix, for example, trophy vases? Really? 

Major hahaha's for the camera's that don't work... GUILTY!
I love frame clusters and mounted antlers... GUILTY! 
 The vintage encyclopedia's are awesome though, I have always wanted a full set of Britannica's.
View more of Nina's lovely work here

1000 Degrees: Welcome to Singapore, Where Its Always Hot

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Last Saturday I left Singapore at 2.30am. I had spent 11 days there helping our new APJ Office set up and run their very first event. Even though this was my second trip to Singapore, the heat still took my by surprise. I love summer, and having spent time living in Okinawa, Japan  I know humidity, but in all honestly, I just couldn't live in a land that never saw winter. It's just too damn hot.

Being almost 5 months pregnant didn't help things either. By the time I boarded my flight back to Cape Town, my feet and ankles were swollen to elephant width. I felt so gross and unattractive! 

My Singapore highlights are as follows: 
Eating chilli crab in China Town
Walking through Orchard Road and being 1 in 1 million (at least that what it felt like)
Hot rain
Meeting great new people in our new office
Exploring Little India
The hyper efficient public transport system

More pictures from my trip here.



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