A very grown up birthday: 29 & feeling fine!

3:31 pm

This Saturday past I turned 29! My last year in my twenties. My last birthday before momville. So many lasts. In the days leading up to my birthday I was quite down in the dumps, feeling slightly overwhelmed by life and all its wonders. 

Regan came home the Friday night and woke me from a semi-peaceful slumber to wish me a slightly drunken happy birthday at one minute past midnight. 

 Saturday was spent in a whirlwind of grown-up decisions, we bought a pram, we bought a crib, we bought a dining room table and a baby bath. We shopped for baby clothes and ate a wonderful breakfast and had an amazing dinner. 

By the time I got home I was so ridiculously exhausted, I'm shocked I even managed to pack all the baby purchases away. Isn't there a lot of pink? My only complaint about baby shopping would be that girls buyers should diversify their colour palette. Pink is ok, but grey's, mints, whites etc are equally lovely! 

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  1. Happy Happy! Cheers to your 'lasts' and hope you have many more 'firsts'


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