The Involuntary Uniform Project

Monday, February 18, 2013

A while ago, or at least what feels like a while time ago, the lovely Adeline wrote a blog post about creating a personal uniform, I bookmarked it for later consideration and thought, hmmm it sounds nice, but image the stress of culling my wardrobe!

Well guess what, pregnancy for me has been a sort of involuntary culling of my wardrobe. My ass has expanded in ways I did not think was genetically possible. To put it very simply, things just don’t fit. And if they do, they don’t fit well. One of the things I have loved most about being pregnant is that it has forced me to challenge so many of my previous notions and fancies. The biggest and possibly most frustrating and enjoyable challenge has been getting dressed in the mornings for work.

I’d love to tell you that I am the sort of person who’d never be caught dead in sweat pants or that  the only fashions to touch my body are only the most recent, cutting edge ones, the truth is, my personal style (if you can call it that) motto has always been: frock it: A dress is a complete outfit only lacking accessories.

This has been the first time in my life I’ve felt awkward in a dress. I feel awkward in prints and colours too.

So while browsing my bookmarks recently, I re-read Adeline’s post and 10 000 light bulbs went off. I definitely have a pregnancy uniform and because I do, I have saved myself countless hours of stress and tears in the morning. I do still have massive piles of clothing laying on the floor in my bedroom after getting dressed though. Eliminating what I know won’t work any more has also spared my fractured body image even more torture :)

What I find myself in most often:

  • black pants
  • black high waisted maxi skirts
  • black midi skirts
  • solid primary colour tops: grey, red, blue, yellow
Rather than using prints to add accents to my wardrobe, I've switched to using textured items of clothing. My wardrobe has become very monochromatic, but I feel so comfortable with this. 

For more information and building your own personal uniform have a look at The Uniform Project

A little bit of wisdom: Being pregnant doesn't mean I'm stupid or blind or in need of advice! I got this!

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

A couple of days ago Regan and I returned from a shopping run to Woolworths, and met our neighbour in the car park where he was sitting in a camping chair cleaning his golf clubs. After making some polite conversation I was ready to head on up to our apartment, but Regan and said neighbour got to chatting about pregnancy, to which, the neighbour remarked that I was getting “huge”.

I fought to keep up  my cool disinterested fa├žade. Fought. I wanted to run over and impale him with one of his golf clubs. I don’t dispute that I have gained some (a lot of) weight and yes, I probably do look “huge” but to say it, just like that!?! It was horrible.

Because this is my first child, a lot of things are new to me. One thing I have noticed is that people tend to pass comments to pregnant women that would be totally unacceptable to non-pregnant women. For example, pointing out swollen ankles, swollen feet, bigger or heavier boobs. Then there is all of the unsolicited advice, such as endless diatribes on the caffeine content of chocolate cake, old wives tales for afore mentioned swollen feet, comments on the size and height of your bump, I wont even touch on all the food comments, what's good, what's bad, what does that craving mean.

People seem to assume two things about the condition of pregnancy:

1. It renders women stupid and unable to think for themselves
2. It makes them interested in what you think. Particularly in your thoughts about whether their weight gain is sufficient or, conversely, exorbitant.

Get a grip. Neither point is true. I am not stupid, and no I don’t care what you think, and forcing your thoughts and opinions down on me will only lead to you hurting my already fragile feelings or me totally red-carding you from my life (dramatic I know).

Self esteem is a fragile thing, a word or a look can do untold damage. No matter what your personal feelings about weight gain, healthy eating, body image etc. is, it's really unkind to force these on to your pregnant friends. Like anything in life, you don't know the burden the next person is carrying. She may already be feeling horrible about her body.

Personally, there have been a few times when I have struggled with coming to terms with my changing body, but reminding myself why or rather who my body is changing for makes all the difference.

In conclusion, before you pass that comment to that pregnant lady, close your mouth and think it through, she probably doesn't need you to point out her weight gain and she definitely is not interested in your crappy hand-me-down advice. 

You're welcome. 

Curtis Kulig -- Love Me

Monday, February 04, 2013

Curtis Kulig is the charming multimedia artist sending love letters to New York City on a daily basis.

‘Love Me’ is Kulig’s very pretty graffiti tag, usually scrawled in red, the colour of love, and visible not only on the streets of NYC but also throughout his second homes LA, Tokyo and wherever else he travels to. Growing up in an artistic family spurred Kulig’s interest in the arts and with no formal training he began working with sculpture, painting, neon lighting, metalwork, text and his first love, photography

Simplistic yes but therein lies it power. 

Hope you're all having an amazing Monday! 


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