The Involuntary Uniform Project

Monday, February 18, 2013

A while ago, or at least what feels like a while time ago, the lovely Adeline wrote a blog post about creating a personal uniform, I bookmarked it for later consideration and thought, hmmm it sounds nice, but image the stress of culling my wardrobe!

Well guess what, pregnancy for me has been a sort of involuntary culling of my wardrobe. My ass has expanded in ways I did not think was genetically possible. To put it very simply, things just don’t fit. And if they do, they don’t fit well. One of the things I have loved most about being pregnant is that it has forced me to challenge so many of my previous notions and fancies. The biggest and possibly most frustrating and enjoyable challenge has been getting dressed in the mornings for work.

I’d love to tell you that I am the sort of person who’d never be caught dead in sweat pants or that  the only fashions to touch my body are only the most recent, cutting edge ones, the truth is, my personal style (if you can call it that) motto has always been: frock it: A dress is a complete outfit only lacking accessories.

This has been the first time in my life I’ve felt awkward in a dress. I feel awkward in prints and colours too.

So while browsing my bookmarks recently, I re-read Adeline’s post and 10 000 light bulbs went off. I definitely have a pregnancy uniform and because I do, I have saved myself countless hours of stress and tears in the morning. I do still have massive piles of clothing laying on the floor in my bedroom after getting dressed though. Eliminating what I know won’t work any more has also spared my fractured body image even more torture :)

What I find myself in most often:

  • black pants
  • black high waisted maxi skirts
  • black midi skirts
  • solid primary colour tops: grey, red, blue, yellow
Rather than using prints to add accents to my wardrobe, I've switched to using textured items of clothing. My wardrobe has become very monochromatic, but I feel so comfortable with this. 

For more information and building your own personal uniform have a look at The Uniform Project

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