Thankful Thursday's: part one

Sunday, May 19, 2013

I don't think that I've lead an ungrateful life up until now, but, Sophie's arrival has taught me that there is so much to say thank you for everyday. It's in this spirit of gratitude that I start a new series on the blog... Thankful Thursday's. Every week I will write about and show you the things I am most grateful for that week. This week the list looks a bit like this:

1) Cape Town I am so grateful to call you home. I know everyone thinks their city is the prettiest but mine really is. Being surrounded by such incredible natural beauty sometimes means you easily take it for granted. This week I spent a bit I time enjoying the wonder that is Cape Town. 

2) Winter where have you been? As much as I enjoy warm weather, I am definitely more of a winter person. Give me crisp mornings and layers of clothes any day. This year summer has taken forever to say goodbye and for each day that gets cooler I am a little happier. Also it's so easy to love the cold when you have your own little cuddle monster aka baby. 
By the way that shot really is Cape Town. We had a recent bit of sleet falling on our streets. 

3) Cadbury's you invented the Top Deck which filled my heart with joy, then you invented the Top Deck mint which turned me into a chocolate addict. Thank you a million times over. 

4) My little family fills my heart with unimaginable amounts of joy. I wake up in the morning floored by the love I have for these two. 

5) McDonald's disgusts me on every level except the one where I give thanks for drive through cappacinos that are quite average in taste but above average in convenience. 

6) My mom comes over every day to help me and spend time with Sophie. There are often days when I wish I had the heart to ask her for some space, but then I'll have a really tiring day the only thing that gets me through it is the fact that she's there for me. 

Take a moment to think of the little things in life that you are grateful for. Appreciate those around you. Life is so amazing, even when it's a little shitty. 

Happy Thursday!! 

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