Just a Minute in September

Monday, September 30, 2013

September in the Southern Hemisphere is my most favorite month because it means Spring is on the way! Here's the highlights reel for what I got up to this month: 

My real life: 

Watching: Freaks & Geeks - I can't believe I've never watched this show before - young James Franco is as sexy as older James Franco. 
Orange is the New Black - I've succumbed to the hype. It's not like the white lady version of Oz I was hoping for but it's still pretty good. 
After Earth - terrible! I think the top level if Scientology for movie stars is to make a heinous space film. 

Listening to: a lot of 90's hip hop. 

Reading: about how Antartica is like the land god forgot & also about Socrota (an island off the coast of Yemen) which is definitely the most alien looking place in all the land. 

Downloading; iOS7 - thank you Apple! My phone/ laptop is so purdy now. 

Parenting: the shit out of my awesome baby Sophie. She is just the best. 

My blogging life: 

Bring on October! Who can believe that there are 3 months left of this year?! Crikey! 

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  1. I'm all about remote islands at the moment! Socrota sounds effing awesome!


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