Just a Minute in September

September in the Southern Hemisphere is my most favorite month because it means Spring is on the way! Here's the highlights reel for what I got up to this month: 

My real life: 

Watching: Freaks & Geeks - I can't believe I've never watched this show before - young James Franco is as sexy as older James Franco. 
Orange is the New Black - I've succumbed to the hype. It's not like the white lady version of Oz I was hoping for but it's still pretty good. 
After Earth - terrible! I think the top level if Scientology for movie stars is to make a heinous space film. 

Listening to: a lot of 90's hip hop. 

Reading: about how Antartica is like the land god forgot & also about Socrota (an island off the coast of Yemen) which is definitely the most alien looking place in all the land. 

Downloading; iOS7 - thank you Apple! My phone/ laptop is so purdy now. 

Parenting: the shit out of my awesome baby Sophie. She is just the best. 

My blogging life: 

Bring on October! Who can believe that there are 3 months left of this year?! Crikey! 

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  1. I'm all about remote islands at the moment! Socrota sounds effing awesome!


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