Lowcarb, clean eating, paleo, 5:2… what what what?!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I stopped buying magazines in my early 20’s because I felt completely overwhelmed by all the articles about diets, screaming orgasms and how to make men love you. I felt that as a young woman I should be feeling empowered and if anything should overwhelm me it should be an awesome “can do” attitude. Instead I would pick up a mag, scan the glossy pages looking at clothes that would never look good on me, holidays I couldn’t afford and reading about the kind of sex I am yet to have. Fast forward (almost 10 years) and I have started reading magazines again, granted now my choices are more of the Woman & Home, Good Housekeeping variety.

As I approach the dreaded 30 I have started thinking so much more about health and beauty. I’m not sure if its typical of my age group but up until now I have never really cared about beauty regimes and while I’d gladly waste an entire pay check at the MAC (cosmetics not computers) shop I never really bothered to cleanse, tone or moisturize. Similarly, eating well meant opting for veg instead of chips and onion rings at Spur. Now I am 29 and have just had a baby. My body is a toilet and while my skin looks good and my face still moderately fresh (I fear its only a matter of time till my skin and face follow in my body’s footsteps) I have come to realize that the when it comes to health and wellness, the time for action is, most certainly, right now.

So about my body, to quote my soul mate Bridget Jones, I have always been just a little bit fat, before Sophie was born, I had lost a bit of said fat but oh gosh pregnancy brought it all back and then some. Since before I gave birth I have been looking forward to my post baby diet. I have done my research on all the hot new fads, of which there are a few, and while all of them have their individual merits I just cant be bothered to go through the almond milk, salmon fillet budget fuckery that is the paleo diet, nor does the eat what you want for 5 days and fast for 2 train of though peak my interest. Where does that leave me? Oh yes, the good old healthy eating, smart food choices, portion control, exercise route!

Lets go back for a minute to the previously mentioned Women & Home, specifically the July (page 133) and August (page 97) issues… While these articles are different – one is about eating for wellbeing and not necessarily weight loss and the other focuses on 10 ways to kick start your diet- both tell a story that I am so receptive to right now: stop the fad diets and just go back to simple, clean eating and you will feel/look better. Weight loss is really simple at the end of the day, eat less + move more = better body. And to do it sustainably, eat for wellness and not solely for weight loss. I mean realistically, how long can you swear off carbs? They have a place in a balanced diet just like everything else.

So for the next few months I’ll be aiming for slow and steady weight loss through healthy balanced eating paired with continuous exercise.

Here are the 10 quick start diet tips from Woman & Home:

  1. Eat protein first
  2. Get enough sleep – as a mom to a 5 month old I’ll have to ignore this little pearl.
  3.  If you drink while you’re eating swap out your cold drinks for warm water with lemon or herbal tea
  4. Instead of going on a crash diet, make small changes and gradually cut down your calorie intake
  5. Eat smaller meals more often
  6. Make smart snack choices
  7. Veggie up your serving
  8. Join a weigh loss group
  9. Take a break between courses
  10.  Ditch the fizzy drinks
If, like me, you’re starting a diet or changing the way you eat I wish you good luck! It’s not easy saying good bye to the Top Deck Mint slabs or endless glasses of coke (especially while breastfeeding) but nothing worthwhile ever came easy right?


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