Life Lately According To Instagram #1

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

1) Sophie's teething is out of control. She will munch anything. My life is a constant battle to get things out of her reach and apply the various teething gels and powders I've amassed to her gums. 

2) The gorgeous weather means we finally get a chane to air out the chubby limbs. Yeah!! 

3) Sophie sleeps in our bed. I can almost here all the experienced moms tutting away at me. I know. We're trying to get her used to sleeping on her own by putting her in her camp cot for afternoon naps. 

4) I literally bought one of everything in the Ackermans summer range. Yes! Bring in the heat coz I've got a cute baby to parade around. 

5) Having cappacino's with my mom 

6) Ryan (my little brother) gets such a kick out of dressing Sophie up as an extra on Blood In Blood Out

7) My grandparents have been married for 53 years this year. Their kind of love and dedication amazing and inspires me. 

8) Is there anything better than a strong cup of tea and a tennis biscuit for dunking. 

9) Love cake to celebrate 53 years of marriage. 

So just to recap, my life is basically all Sophie all the time with pepperings of grandparents and shopping trips. 

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