Friday Finds: The coffee table books I wish I owned

Friday, November 15, 2013

I love books, before I had Sophie I would read at least 1 book a week. Since Sophie was born though, time has become a luxury and reading an even bigger luxury. So naturally I find my focus on books shifting from the hefty novels I used to read to the more picture filled coffee table variety.

Firstly, why are coffee table books so expensive? Secondly can I borrow some money to buy all of the books Please?

These are the books currently on my Christmas wish list:

Zig zag from the top left: The Monocle Guide to Better Living: The Monocle teams takes a look at one of life's core themes, the quality of life in their first ever book ++ Remodelista a manual for the considered home ++ Domino: The Book of Decorating: I wasn't a reader of Domino magazine but if I only judged from this book I'd say I missed out on quite a bit ++ For The Love of Shoes: the tire speaks for itself right? ++ Design Brooklyn: is like a walk through tour of the best of Brooklyn's design & architecture without leaving your couch ++ The Flower Recipe: A simple and enticing introduction to flower arranging ++ The New Fashioned Wedding: With our wedding in the early stages of planning I don't need to explain this one hey? ++ Making a House Your Home: A step by step to achieving everyday relaxed beauty at home ++ Paris Street Style: Because obviously I need self esteem issues. How can there be so many stylish people in one city? How? ++ I Love Your Style: I've heard such good things about this book and its been on my wish list since last year! ++ Domestic Art: because I want to look at living rooms I wish were mine. Decadent and totally over the top decor.

Happy Friday folks! Hope you all have a happy & safe weekend!

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