#lovecapetown: Family fun day at the Bay Harbor Market, Naps & Daddy's that do hair

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

How glorious was the weather on Saturday? Not too hot, not cold, just the perfect amount of wind blowing. It's so easy to love this city.

Naturally, like all Cape Tonians we scrambled to find something to do, After receiving two complimentary tickets to the Baby Expo I had my heart set on shopping but as soon as I opened my eyes I knew I could not waste the day inside an over air-conditioned, windowless convention centre buying things Sophie doesn't need.
 So we bundled into the cars (my sister, my niece and my niece's besties came along too) and off we went to the Bay Harbor Market. I had been before but none of the others had.

Regan happily munched pizza and beer for breakfast while the kids and I exhaled ice creams. Obviously the kids went into a sugar craze and Regan into a food coma so when we got home we all had naps and then Sophie & I had a bath and Regan did her hair. 

It was perfect. Family time is the best time, every time. 

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