Just a minute in 2013: I have an attitude of gratitude

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

 I was laying in bed a few nights ago just feeling so incredibly overwhelmed by all that I have to be grateful for this year. Honestly, as December draws to a close my mind is so firmly fixed on what an amazingly profound year it’s been for us.

The highlights reel reads as follows:

January: We spent the beginning part of this year in the beautiful country town of Greyton, family time is the best time after all. I also turned 29, last year of my twenties yo!

February: Back at work after the holiday leave. My belly was growing and truthfully summer kicked my arse plus dealing with all the belly touchers at work and in public really unnerved me. I was so awkward. I got to help redo a house for a family in need in the Capricorn township. Being pregnant the help I could offer was limited but being there really moved me.

March: I took a work related trip to Jo’burg. I was 35 weeks pregnant. The trip and work stressed me out so much. When I went to the gynea for a scan I found out there was a significant drop in my amniotic fluid and it shocked me into realizing that I need to rest up.

April: 1st of April was my last day in the office. My feet were swollen, my spirit was broken. I was so ready for Sophie to be born. When I went to the hospital for a check up on Friday the 12th I had no idea I would be admitted for high blood pressure and that Sophie would be born early on Monday the 15th. Guys, April literally rocked my life to its very core. Giving birth, becoming a mother, all those emotions. Oh my gosh. I feel teary writing about it now, it was complete magic.

May: Regan turned 35, I regret that his birthday was a bit of a non-event because it was so close to Sophie’s birth. May was such a beautiful month, Autumn was settling in and Regan and I were navigating our way through our new roles as parents. The initial shock was gone and we were just so elated to have this amazing little girl as the center of our world.

June: Regan’s paternity leave ended, the cold set in, hello winter. It fucking snowed (or was it sleet?) Everyone freaked out regardless. I watched a lot of Master Chef, made a lot of delish dinners and got super fat.

July: Sophie laughed for the first time. It made me ugly cry tears of happiness. I felt like I waited so long to hear that little chuckle. Now she laughs everyday, it makes my heart so glad. Sophie’s spikey hair also started falling flat, finally, her trademark pineapple hair style was gone. My gran turned 80, I’m so blessed to still have my maternal grandmother and both my paternal grandparents in my life, every time they see Sophie I wish I could bottle the joy I see in their eyes.

August: My mom turned 50! Oh my word, what a spring chicken. Honestly guys, knowing that my mom is still around and still active and living her best life, being such an awesome granny, ag I just want to be that way when Sophie has a baby of her own one day. August was the month that Sophie mastered both the art of rolling over and the art of sitting up perfectly straight.

September: Spring and flowers and play time and oh my glory Sophie is 5 months, how did that happen. I felt like the first 5 months flew by, I wrote this post about being a mom. Teething began seriously and we also started being much more social as a family, by that I mean we actually left the house to do shit.

October: Fat, fat, baby. Sophie and solid food became fast friends, fast. She really is my child. Little glutton. Sophie & I reached our 6 month breastfeeding mark -- YESS!!! We spent a butt load of money on her new summer wardrobe. I hung out with my grandparents so much, cups of tea and paging through photo albums.

November: No filter Friday happened and I took a picture of myself and realized how much grey hair I have! For real!

December: Sophie’s first Christmas! She was totally in awe of the Christmas tree, the wrapping paper her new toys. I never knew the magic of Christmas until now. Sharing this holiday with a baby makes it so much more. We hosted lunch, my family and Regan’s. I made duck and a bunch of sides, there was gammon and trifle and over consumption for days.

Can I just say, as far as years go, 2013 rocked.

I’ve also read so many amazing blog posts, posts that have moved me so much, guys you’ve made me cry, you’ve made me happy and angry and excited and you’ve left me in awe of the human spirit. If you want to feel some of what I’ve felt read on:

There are two posts that I read and re-read constantly, this one and this one. I don’t want to say much about them, or how they made me feel, but I will say, the first time I read Diana’s post my heart felt raw with pain her. One thing I have learned this year is that motherhood is more than just you and your baby, it’s a bond you share with women all over the world. We laugh together in the good times and when it’s time to cry, you’re not alone, we are all crying with you.

I’m so grateful for everything I have guys. I’m looking forward to January, Adeline is coming to visit and I’m turning 30! So here’s to a ridiculously magical 2014!


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