Just A Minute in November: Thank God You're Over!

Monday, December 02, 2013

Sophie tries to eat her night light every morning, I've given up and now I offer it to her instead of waiting for her to grab it. 
November was a long and tiring month. Sophie's teething is cray cray out of control and Regan has been working like an ad machine to get ready for his 20 days of leave WOOOOT!! So if this "Just a Minute" seems a little dull its because, well November was quite a dull month for us :) 

Visiting: Kirstenbosch Gardens for walks and picnics and just to you know, revel in the utter beauty that is Cape Town 
Planning: My Christmas gifts, I have a few left to get so I am quite happy to be this far ahead. Last year all gifts where purchased on the 23rd because yolo. 
Watching: Brooklyn Nine Nine (so funny) and Girl Most Likely (you must watch this, its awkward and Kristen Wiig is fantastic as usual.) 
Listening to:  Not much, I am dying to get some new music. Haven't downloaded anything since before Sophie was born. 

Blogging About: 

Hello December! I'm so happy you're finally here!! 


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