Just a minute in February

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Loving: Each other… hello month of love & cupid! My niece asked me if I love Regan because cupid shot me in the butt when I saw him, so I said, cupid shot Regan and I just kind of went along with it ☺ She was totally impressed.
Buying: Winter clothes, how do the shops already have so much winter clothing in stock? Currently on the hunt for the perfect ankle boots! Let me know if you find any!
Eating: All of the carbs because from March one I am hitting the lchf lifestyle so hard.
Watching: True Detective (amazing) & The Book Thief (Even more amazing)
Reading: The Real Meal Revolution (because my arse needs shrinking and sugar free, carb free is the only way to go)

How to have a romantic Valentine’s Day with a 10 month old teething baby

Saturday, February 22, 2014

We had the grandest plans for Valentine’s Day guys. Regan & I decided we’d take a night off parenting and go to a hotel after having an insanely awesome meal at Carne in Keerom Street. Just like the good old days… food, wine, and bedroom stuff. Obviously we are insane beacuse there was no way the universe would allow us to have even one night of complete abandon, so naturally on Wednesday Sophie started pushing 2 new teeth out (we’ve had tears since then) and then on Thursday my little brother announces that his girlfriend isn’t allowed to go on the date he’s planned unless my mom (aka our babysitter) chaperoned.

Cool Storage Ideas for Children's Rooms

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My child is very little so I know I am no nothing about children's storage dilemma's yet (although Sophie has amassed quite a bit of "stuff" in her short 10 month life span), but I'm a sucker for awesome storage ideas and kids are horrific hoarders so here are some very cool DIY (kind of) storage ideas for your child's room:  

Today is a gift

Today I was mooching around the house picking up toys, folding washing, changing nappies and it all felt so surreal (it occasionally does). There are days when it sort of feels like the hardest job in the world and then there are days, like today, where I feel like I am playing the very best sort of pretend game. 

8 awesome sewing tutorials for moms

Friday, February 07, 2014

I'm secretly terrified of crafts. I have a Pinterest board filled with all these gorgeous things I am dying to make but honestly, I am so scared it'll turn out shit and I'll be the butt of the needle work joke and basically be forced to relive my primary school shame.

Adeline sent me this amazing list of like 50+ crafts and there were so many on there that I'd love to do, but these were my absolute favorites:

Gorgeous baby bloomers
Applique onesie tutorial
Ruffled baby dress
Silk bow headband 
Modern ombre quilt 
Make your own baby tights
Upcycled baby cocoon
Little fur vest

Most of these are from See Kate Sew, if you haven't visited her site yet, do yourself a favor and go have a look!

Sleeping is the new black

Morning mama where's the food?
Being deprived of sleep and still functioning like a normal adult is my new super power guys. Honestly, the hardest part about having a baby is adjusting to the mindset of “I don’t actually need more than 4 hours of sleep a night”. Harder still is that when you have a new baby you work your butt off to fall into anything that remotely resembles a routine and then teething happens and just smashes that all to shit.

Just a minute in January: You’re my most favorite month

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Adeline at the Biscuit Mill
Listen, my year started off so well and I just have to say, if January is setting the tone for 2014 then I’m totally alright with that. New Years was a bit of a non-event, did nothing, went to bed early. Then my darling Adeline came to visit for 2 weeks, they were so lovely. Then I turned 30 mother fuckers! Yes. I am so in love with aging at the moment, I found a couple of grey hairs, I inspect my eyes often for wrinkles, the lot. Seriously though, I have found my bliss, I am happy.

Here are the highlights:

Spending: time with Adeline, visiting so many awesome Cape Town places, falling in love with my city all over again.
Reading: The Fragrant Pharmacy By Valarie Ann Worwood – getting into the vibe of home remedies, lotions & potions
Watching: Wolf of Wall Street (duh) + 12 Years a Slave + American Hustle (fat Christian Bale will you marry me)
Listening to: Ben Howard + Alain Bashung + Fleetwood Mac (staple) + Good Night Little Spoon’s Sea Songs Playlist (Thank you Adeline for sharing)
Turning: 30! Holy fuck! But not really. Everyone that knows me knows I am a child, I am getting older but I am not old. Plus I don’t actually look a day over 28.
Loving: that January is over, it’s been an amazing month but now its no longer the beginning of the year, let’s get it started. I have a 1st birthday party and a wedding to plan!

Things I've  I’ve read this month: (haven't really been reading all that much to be honest, January was a busy exhausting month.) 

I'm a mom with tattoo's is a new series on Cindy Alfino's blog. As another mom with tattoo's I love this! 
One little word for 2014 had me thinking so hard and feeling so inspired! 

February is the month of cheesy displays of love/lust/obsession, make the most of it. Regan & I have the GRANDEST Valentine’s Day plans, you wont even believe it. We’re the biggest cynics in the world and this year we are throwing sarcasm to the wind and celebrating Valentine’s Day. 


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