Just a minute in February

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Loving: Each other… hello month of love & cupid! My niece asked me if I love Regan because cupid shot me in the butt when I saw him, so I said, cupid shot Regan and I just kind of went along with it ☺ She was totally impressed.
Buying: Winter clothes, how do the shops already have so much winter clothing in stock? Currently on the hunt for the perfect ankle boots! Let me know if you find any!
Eating: All of the carbs because from March one I am hitting the lchf lifestyle so hard.
Watching: True Detective (amazing) & The Book Thief (Even more amazing)
Reading: The Real Meal Revolution (because my arse needs shrinking and sugar free, carb free is the only way to go)

Things I wrote:
How to have a Valentine's Day with a teething baby
Cool storage ideas for kids rooms
Today is a gift

Things I read:
Lauren wrote about organizing her life, very simple technique applied which inspired me to jump on the bandwagon and get organized too.
Natasha wrote a beautiful open letter to her husband which reminded me never to take the small things for granted, we wait for a big happy but the little happy’s are what makes life perfect.
Cindy shared a very touching post about her struggle with her skin condition and how its affected her socially and as someone who’s had bad skin for most of her life, I felt so moved by her honesty. It’s not vain and it does crush your confidence.

March’s word for the month: DO

I’m a complete fence sitter when it comes to Valentine’s Day… Personally, I enjoy a happy medium between “Valentine’s Day is an utterly bullshit consumerist abomination” and “OHEMGEEEE all heart errrrrthang”. I celebrate the day by giving Regan a super cheesy gift, (heart shaped Lindt chos and ‘World’s best shag” coffee cup) and then I like to just move along because it really is a bit of a bullshit holiday.

This year we really wanted to get away and be super romantic, like Hulk out on the romance romantic, but the day before Valentine’s Day Sophie started pushing out her top 2 teeth and let’s just say leaving her for the night with my mom was no longer an option. So we ended up having a pizza & wine picnic on the living room floor while she ran amuck in her walking ring. It was still romantic and actually ended up feeling really special.

Other than that, February has been a busy and kind of sad month. I’m glad March is on her way and hopefully with it some nice cool weather.

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