Cool Storage Ideas for Children's Rooms

My child is very little so I know I am no nothing about children's storage dilemma's yet (although Sophie has amassed quite a bit of "stuff" in her short 10 month life span), but I'm a sucker for awesome storage ideas and kids are horrific hoarders so here are some very cool DIY (kind of) storage ideas for your child's room:  

1 // Glue old plastic figurines to the tops of glass jars and use to store smaller items like crayons and craft supplies
2 // Plastic hanging shoe racks make for great superhero condo's 
3 // Wall mounted garden boxes are also useful to store stuffed animals and books
4 // Love these buckets hung on vintage hooks for a boys room, could be used to store anything from shoes to toys to craft supplies
5 // Magnetic knife racks to store cars, they'd need to have mental bottoms though... 
6 // So in love with this toy box/ black board combo
7 // Decorate wooden boxes and put some wheels on them for movable toy storage that looks amazing
8 // Pillow bags for book storage
9 // Paint and mount old paint cans for a clever way to free up desktop space

Images via Pinterest

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