Gingerlily Spa: Pedicure Perfection

Friday, March 07, 2014

Friends, don't go an do you nails inside an over lit, over air-conditioned mall because places like Gingerlily exist and they'd be so happy to have you!

I first started going to Gingerlily last year after my younger sister, Dani discover it. From the time you walk through the Huge iron gates into the Farriers Center (at the bottom of the Wynberg Hill) you feel like you've been transported into a magical garden where overindulgence is the norm and everything besides, cake and pretty things are forgotten.

The spa itself is light and airy and looks out over a central garden, its hard to feel anything but calm when your there, add to that the fact that the restaurant next door, High Tea, happily walks over cappuccino's, cakes, latte's to Gingerlily's clientele and you'll know why I'll never do my nails anywhere else.

If you're thinking of getting relish nails done book with Meagan, she is the best, I don't know what she does differently to other therapists but my nails last weeks longer when she's done them.

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