Monday, August 04, 2014

I’m at that age where you stop experimenting with brands, I know what I like, I know what works for me and I don’t really bother with the rest. The downside about this phase is that I have limited what I expose myself to, so when wonderful new products come on the market, I seldom know about them.

So, here we are. I’m going to take one day a week for the next 14 weeks to share the products I love with you. Could I challenge you to do the same on your blog? Or maybe just comment and tell me about the products you love?

I’m starting off with beauty:

This is a recent purchase, I used to use the MAC Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash which I loved, but some how it got lost and I needed a quick (less expensive) fix so I got this AVON one. I really love it. The brush is big so it applies easily and doesn't clump up. 
This is the first "lipstick" I've worn out. I'm usually a glass girl, but I do like this range from Revlon. It rubs on smoothly and tingles slightly (think softlips lip balm type of tingle). 
Bought this one on sale at Dis-Chem, haven't used another eyeshadow since. Its thick nib makes it easy to wear and helps me achieve the smokey eye effect in seconds. 
My mom bought this for me ages ago to help me with the dull post pregnancy hair, my hairs gone back to normal now, but I haven't stopped using this hair butter. It smells divine and leaves my hair feeling silky and smooth. Apply it to dry dirty hair and leave in for at least 2 hours, then wash your hair with shampoo as you usually would. 
Listen, the world of primers is very new to me. I'd usually slap some foundation on my bare face (cringe). I haven't tried any other primer so I have nothing to compare this one too, I wills ay, I notice a big difference to my face when I use it vs when I don't. It seems to work as advertised. 
The grown up girl's pink - my favourite Essie color at the moment. 
This stuff is AMAZING -- dries your wet nails instantly. An absolute must for busy moms. No time wasted waiting for nails to dry!
This lip balm has been a standard in my make-up bag since 2008. I always recommend it. Its great, especially in winter. My lips are smooth and un-cracked all thanks to nimue. 
I've heard so much about the awesomeness that is the Avon BB cream so I had to try it. I like it, one one big con is that when ordering, the shades I looked at and based my choice on weren't really true to the actual creams shade. But it applies smoothly, its got a natural finish and its inexpensive. I use it often. 
Another standard in my make-up since 2006 -- I will never use another foundation. 
Everyone needs a fleshy tone nail polish. This one is mine. I've just ordered another bottle. 
Ok, I was given this CC cream as part of a gift bag. The shade on the bottle looked way to light to match my skin tone but I tired it out. Its the absolute best. I use it every single day. Its got a very high sun protection factor, it smells nice, it feels light on my skin and has a perfect matte finish. I ADORE THIS CREAM. 
Blush without the bling! I dislike the trend of putting a sparkle in blush and bronzers. This bronzer gives me the highlights and color boost I want without leaving me looking like a disco ball. 

What are some of your beauty favs? 

Since going back to work I’ve been thinking so much about my make-up routine (or lack there of). I love make-up, but I seldom wear it. My main reason for this is time; I just don’t have enough of it in the morning. But I’m hoping to make a change here. I’m going to attempt to “put on my face” everyday this week (Mon-Fri only). I’ll be IG’ing my face of the day, so look out! Also… give tips! 


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