Saturday, October 25, 2014

I'm terrified of butterflies, moths and lizards. When I say terrified, I mean freak-out-and-scream terrified. If there's a lizard in my bedroom I sleep on the couch.

When I was young and silly I had THE BIGGEST crush on Regan. This was like 10 years ago. It was so ridiculous! If you'd told me then that in just 10 years we'd be happily together with a child I probably would have passed out with happiness.

I have a serious nail polish addiction. I used to only wear Essie but I've since come to love the AVON gel finish polishes.

There is nothing in this world more important to me than my family. I love them fiercely.

If there's one thing I am desperate to achieve before the end of this year it's to stop smoking. Every cigarette I smoke makes me feel gross and unhealthy and I just want to quit. I don't want Sophie growing up with parents that smoke. I mean she already says smokes!

All my life I've struggled with my weight. I'm not one of the lucky natural "thigh gap" girls. When I fell pregnant with Sophie the scale tipped in a horrific direction and I don't know what's taken me so long but I am FINALLY at the point where I know I need a drastic lifestyle shift to fix the damage I've done to my body.

I hate the beach. There. I said it. I fucking hate it. The sand. The way the salty air makes my hair so sticky. The heat. There is nothing appealing about the beach for me.

I love music and sometimes I pretend to be a hip music snob but in truth I'm just as happy with Dead Prez as I am with Toto.

I'm asleep by 9pm most nights even on the weekend. This doesn't bother me.

I love wine. Red mine mostly. But  you can always twist my arm with a buttery Chardonnay.

I've watched Frozen over 100 times. Not because I love it that much but because Sophie does. I can actually recite entire scenes from that dreadful movie.

When I was in labour with Sophie I declined any pain relief because: I am woman (hear me ummm.... shriek in pain). Half way through it all I changed my mind, obviously. I spent most of active labour swearing at nurses and begging for a c-section.

I adore dresses. Especially vintage ones. A dress is almost a complete outfit. There is very little that makes me feel as feminine as wearing a dress.

Tattoos are an expensive, somewhat painful interest of mine. I feel like they're incredibly beautiful and when I see women adorned with divine works of art I feel like it's special. Like they're special.

I cry so hard when I watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Just ask Regan.

I'll never stop wanting to pack it all in and move to the country.

I don't like ice cream.

I like people pleasing but in the best way. Giving gifts. Preparing a meal. Bringing a smile to someone's face is quite wonderful.

Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year. I love it. I love it so so so much. I think it's the combination of family and food and gifts and togetherness. Having a child also just ups the magic factor of Christmas.

Summer is my least favourite season. I find the heat unbearable. I hate sweating. It gets too hot to sleep. It's just not fun. But then.... Hot summer nights and chilled fruity cocktails are pretty spectacular.

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