Thursday, January 05, 2017

Let me paint the scene:

The toddler is mid-way through an epic, toe-curling tantrum.
Said tantrum has woken the baby.
I’m in tears, covered in sweat (hello summer) and smelling like a mixture of garbage and the Dove I liberally sprayed all over my body to cover the garbage smell.
Regan is at work.
My mom/backup life support is busy.
There is no one around.
Oh I forgot to mention… I need to wee.

Sounds pretty familiar right? I know that I am not the only mom that often feels like she is drowning (literally DROWNING) under the weight of parenting and household responsibilities. We try to do everything… raise well adjusted kids, be amazing wives, cook healthy meals, manage our household, rock the pants off our careers and when we struggle, we shut up about it.

Why does “I need help” feel like the hardest sentence for any mom to say? Why does taking time out for ourselves leave us riddled with guilt? The other day I was in the shower and Gracie was crying, Regan was with her but I felt so flippen guilty that I rushed through the process, didn’t wash my hair and ended up putting on my pj’s before I even allowed myself the luxury of drying off my body properly.

It’s pure insanity.

In my heart I know that I cannot be all the things I strive to be (mom, wife, homemaker, career boss, nice person) without taking enough time for myself. It’s the one thing I find so incredibly difficult to come to terms with. And I know I am not alone.

After watching the movie, Bad Moms, I realised that I need to get better at this. My kids will not suffer if I am not around 24/7. They won’t turn into criminal drug abusers if I take a 2 hour bath occasionally. They won’t suffer a developmental crisis if I don’t read to them every single night.

It’s totally fine to love myself as much as I love my kids and my partner. Say it with me now: IT’S OK TO LOVE MYSELF AS MUCH AS I LOVE MY KIDS AND MY PARTNER.

Let's start making our happiness a priority, because frankly, if we're not ok, no one is. Ok, I'm off to soak in the tub. By myself. Without an audience. 
Peace out Queens!

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