Monday, February 20, 2017

Gosh, kids parties have become SUCH productions. Between the R1000+ cakes and the R2000 sweet table (that no one touches because we all know sugar is the devil) it’s hard to find reasonable ways to celebrate your child’s birthday without spending R1000’s or taking off 2 weeks from work to DIY all the décor.

Sophie’s 4th birthday is coming up and I am really proud to say that so far we have managed to throw her fun, down-to-earth parties. Her first birthday was a simple, family gathering with a fun owl theme (see here), her second birthday was a little more grandiose with a Dora theme (pictured here) and her third birthday happened during my blogging hiatus so sadly no link to share, but it was a blast. This year we are starting the planning nice and early to avoid unnecessary spending.

While the theme is still very much up in the air (3 year olds are so indecisive) we do have a few must haves:

1] A piñata
2] A foam slide
3] A venue – I’m not willing to do the clean up this year
4] Her whole class needs to be invited – a first for us.
5] I must make the cake myself – eeeeek! Also a first.

So in order to fully embrace my inner Martha I have drawn up (what I think is) a really cool party-planning sheet. While my main goal is to throw a really fun party that meets all of Soph’s expectations, I would also like to adhere to a budget because flip, life is expensive and I like a challenge. The sheet is put together with this in mind. Each section has a space for you to record what you’ve spent so that you can stay on budget.


If you decide to use this sheet to plan your little ones birthday, please let me know! I would love to know if it was of any help!

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