When I think about “self care” I think about mornings at the blow dry bar, spa days and long lunches with the girls. It’s so much more than that though… We see personal hygiene as an absolute necessity, but often neglect our emotional hygiene. A couple of months ago I started a daily self care routine and the main thing it’s taught me is that when I take good care of myself I am also taking good care of my family.

With that in mind I would like to challenge all the moms that read my blog to try it out. Here are 18 things you can do today to take better care of yourself.

1] Take some time to find out what makes you happy. Before I had kids, I spent a lot of time reading and visiting art galleries. After babies, the thought of making a solo trip to an art gallery seemed like the ultimate luxury. But lately I have carved out time to do the things that bring joy to my heart, because it’s important.
2] Quiet time. The ultimate mom treat, right? Finding a few moments every day to just enjoy silence literally feels like the glue holding my sanity together most days.
3] Stop feeling guilty about sleep. When you have kids, you enter into this competition about who gets the most sleep. I have always felt so guilty if I take an afternoon nap, but no more. Sleep is vital to a healthy brain. So nap away.
4] Put on clean, comfortable clothing. Sounds like a no-brainer? Not always. I often get so busy dashing about the house with Grace and Sophie that 12pm arrives and I’m still in pjs. Getting up in the morning and getting dressed for the day clears my mind and makes me feel a sense of purpose that lounging around in my pjs just doesn’t.
5] Check in with yourself. One of the main ways I self reflect is to keep a journal. I have journaled (not a word, I know) since I was a teen and as I have gotten older it’s become more of a “taking stock” exercise than a “record your day” exercise.
6] Light a candle. Filling my home with my favourite scents makes me feel a sense of calm and comfort.
7] Don’t feel guilty about saying no. We often get stuck in a “yes” vortex. Attending too many parties, going to too many events, planning too many get togethers. It’s totally ok to say no sometimes.
8] Feel grateful. Pretty self explanatory, take some time to count your blessings. You have much to be grateful for.
9] Read inspiring quotes. Just because you read them, doesn’t mean you need to post them all over your socials. There are so many ways to get inspired these days, but a micro shot of inspiration in the form of a little quote is by far the quickest way.
10] Ask for help. Gosh this has become an increasingly important part of my life. There is zero shame is raising your hand. There is zero shame in struggling to cope. Parenting is hard enough without also pressuring ourselves to do it all.
11] Eat well. A new one for me, I’ll admit. I don’t need to regurgitate the benefits of a good diet to you, what I will say is: the better I eat, the better I feel.
12] Work out. Exercise is honestly terrifying for me. For the past month I have been on a mission to move more. I feel really good when I do, but in the hours leading up to my work out I look for 100’s of reasons not to do it. Anyone else do this?
13] Take a break from social media. Last year my relationship with social media made me feel over-exposed. I shared too much, I knew too much, I felt too much. It didn’t make me happy. So this year I have changed my approach a little. I spend less time on Twitter, less time on Facebook and less time on Instagram. I have completely ignored Snapchat. I feel happier.
14] Turn off your phone every Sunday. This is a new habit of mine. Scared Sunday, if you will. I have started switching off completely every Sunday. I do not look at my phone until both the girls are in bed. It lets me feel 100% present and I love it. Trust me when I say, there is nothing you HAVE TO see on a Sunday.
15] Treat yourself. Spoiling yourself once a week or once a month isn’t a treat, it’s a must.
16] Set and evaluate your goals. Setting goals help retain focus, evaluating your goals and your path to achieving your goals will ensure success and give you a sense of control over where things are headed for you personally or as a family.
17] Spend time with people you love. There is no better cure for a heavy heart than the company of loved ones. When life starts to feel stressed and messy and out of control, hit the pause button and hang out with your favourite people.
18] Clean out the clutter. Both the mental and the physical.

Do you have a self care routine that works wonders for your sanity? I’d love to hear about it!


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