Thursday, July 27, 2017

Sophie doesn’t often nag for toys. Maybe she would if she knew the names of more toys, but we’re lucky because she’s pretty clueless, for now at least. However, she has been obsessed with one particular range of toys for ages now… yup, it’s the Chubby Puppies. We’ve watched countless YouTube videos of little children all over the world unboxing Chubby Puppies and to be honest, I didn’t even know that they were available in South Africa. So you can imagine how excited I was when I got a mail asking if we’d like to review a few puppies from the range a host a giveaway.

Soph was at a sleepover when the box arrived. When she got home I told her that we would be filming a YouTube unboxing (how insane that my 4 year old knows what this is), but I didn’t tell her what the box contained – so her excitement is really real. Watch our first attempt at an unboxing video:

These little toys are so sweet, well made and durable. We received: Choco Bear, Toffee Pony, Australian Shepherd and Husky (and his ice cream cart) - who happens to be our absolute favourite. The puppies need batteries to operate, but fortunately these are included. Once you switch them on they potter around adorably. They make minimal noise (which is perfect) and while they do come with small accessories, they’re not bitty (that is to say, it wont be hard to keep track of all the parts).

All 4 of the puppies we received are so special, but the it's impossible not to comment on little Husky and his ice cream cart, this little guy is by far the cutest. The handle of the cart its perfectly into his mouth and when you switch him on he trots around, pushing his ice cream along with him. Once of my fondest memories from my childhood is of a range of toys I collected, each month my mom would treat my sisters and I to a new toy from this range and looking at the Chubby Puppies, I get such an overwhelming sense of nostalgia, because these are perfectly collectable. The range is large enough to feel like a proper collection, but small enough so you don't feel like you'll be buying these forever (although who could fault you if you did?). 
Sophie had such fun playing with her new puppies, it’s now 4 days since she opened them up and she’s still carting them around everywhere she goes. This is a great sign because she’s usually totally bored after an hour (max).

The puppies are suitable for kids ages 4 and up. There are lots of different puppies to collect and some come with play sets like a pet fun center, a puppy stroller or a camping tent.

These really are the most adorable little puppies we’ve seen made. Watching Husky push his little cart across our dining room table is fast becoming Sophie’s favourite pastime, hehehe.

We give them a fun-filled 10 out of 10!

Still enjoyable without batteries
Not too noisy
Minimal set up
Age appropriate
Easily stored
Retains child’s interest

The range is available at all leading toys specialists ie: Hamleys, Lilliputs, Toy Adventures, Toy Kingdom, Toy Zone and Toys R Us and prices will range from R229.95 to R899.95

Now let’s get to the juicy bit, would you like to win an awesome Chubby Puppies hamper valued at R1300? I know you would! Well, you need to do the 4 things below to qualify:

Watch our very first YouTube video and tell us what you think of our first attempt at an unboxing video, either by commenting on this blog post, or on Facebook or by sending us a Tweet.

Be sure to do all the steps in order to qualify. I’ll be checking!

Winners will be announced on the 24th of July 2017.

Good luck!




  1. Ur daughter is super cute love watching the kids unboxing of toys, there always so excited and specially since its her favorite

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  10. Jenny Nieuwenhuys2 August 2017 at 10:27

    So precious. Loved it

  11. Ah such a cute video, loved how excited she got! A very genuine video

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