Friday, September 28, 2018 Cape Town, South Africa

Exercise phobia is a real thing. It's not laziness, it's an all consuming fear of working out. I suffer from this affliction and guys, it's not easy to overcome. This past Monday I had my first ever session at @abcbootcamper and leading up to it I made every excuse about why I couldn't attend. I went so far as to practically chicken out while sitting in the parking lot on Monday morning. I broke out in a stress sweat. I had to do a nervous poo. I told Regan that this was not for me and I should just head home. 

But I didn't. I decided to show up for myself. I decided that even though I was afraid I would force myself to do this and if I really hated it I wouldn't go again. 

I'm so glad I went. The sessions are structured in a really accessible way. You start off with a warm up - which I felt was a lot tougher than the rest of the workout - and that consists of a fast walk, then a slow jog, then a faster jog, then a jog hop and then a walk lunge type of story. Then you move into groups and work your way through a circuit of 5 different exercises which you do for 45 seconds each and run through the entire circuit for about 10 minutes. Then you take a short water break and move on to your next, more challenging, circuit which also lasts for 10 minutes. Then you do a stretch routine and then you're done. I think I'm probably over simplifying it and making it sound a lot easier than it was. Honestly I feel like someone took a baseball bat to my thighs. Our instructor, Jason, was wonderful and encouraging and made sure to mention that the workouts increase in intensity over the weeks which is a little scary considering how tough I felt Monday was. 

There is  something quite incredible that happens when I push myself. There is such power in that moment when you feel like you just can't push anymore and then you do and your muscle cry out in a strange sort of painful victory and you know that whatever fear you carried before you started is now gone. Exercise phobia is a real thing. But once you overcome it, amazing things happen. 

Right now I am a mom, I am overweight, my body is recovering from the stress of birthing 2 human beings, things wobble, things shake. Every single time I make the decision to get up and move, I am being brave. Because deciding to show up is a lot harder than any exercise you could throw my way. I have spent 6 years not believing in myself. And now that is all changing and it is pure magic. 

I am showing up. 
I am being brave. 
I am proud of this Nikki. 

On Monday morning 1 hour of exercise felt like this impossible, unattainable goal. Today it feels more like an answer to a question I have been too afraid to ask. I am capable of more and I'm achieving more with each session and through the creaky, achy muscles there is one incredible truth that whispers at the back of my mind:

I can do this.



Wednesday, September 05, 2018 Cape Town, South Africa

Real quick confession: cheese is life, I am obsessed with cheese, if you mention the word cheese my ear perk up, I have not met a cheese I didn’t want to inhale. 

A while back I attended a mom bloggers meet up hosted by #ctmomswhoblog the event was fun and we were spoiled with so many goodies. Fast forward to 2 weeks ago, I was cleaning out my junk drawer and found a whole batch of coupons and price off vouchers – these feature quite heavily at blogger events and usually I just pop them in a drawer and forget about them. On this particular day I was cleaning out the pile, trying to sort through what I knew I would use, what was expired and what I would never likely purchase. And then the universe aligned in my favour and into my lap fell a voucher for a Ploughman’s Platter from The Cheese Club

 I didn’t actually know what gold I had just struck, and it was only after reading the little bit of card that I realised my absolute fortune. Well guys, let me tell you something right now:


If you have ever attempted to make a cheese platter, you’ll know that it’s not a simple thing. In fact a lot of my weekend anxiety during summer stems from not knowing which cheese to pair with which preserve. The struggle is real. The Cheese Club recognizes that struggle, and lifts the burden. The Ploughman’s Platter comes with:

1 x Fairview Blue Rock - 100g
Full fat, semi-soft blue mould Roquefort-style cheese, with a firm and crumbly texture.

1 x Fairview Chevin Garlic & Herb - 100g
A smooth and flavourful goat’s milk log, rolled in garlic and herbs, and ending off on a salty note.

1 x Woodsmoked Cheddar - 150g
Artisan cheese, cold smoked in a beech wood smoker to give the cheese a natural smoked flavour.

1 x Sweet Red Pepper Chutney - 120ml
Handmade chutney. Slightly spicy with a hint of paprika.

1 x Crunchy Cucumber Ribbons - 125ml
The perfect crunchy pickle for cheese. Pairs beautifully with wood-smoked or farm-style cheddar.

1 x Crushed Walnuts - 50g
Raw, shelled and crushed into smaller pieces. Perfect match for blue cheese.

1 x Water Biscuits - 125g
Thin, crisp, unsweetened biscuit.

1 x Sourdough Loaf
A par-baked, crusty artisan bread.

1 x Prosciutto Crudo - 70g
Sweet, delicate, dry cured Italian ham. Finely sliced.

2 x Fresh Pears
Fresh-from-the-farm, seasonal variety. Sweet and crunchy.

1 x Wild Rocket - 40g
Fresh salad leaf with a peppery flavour.

And it costs R350!!! Do I need to tell you what it would cost to put this platter together yourself? It would cost around R480! But if you’re anything like me, when I hit that cheese aisle all bets are off. I usually end up overspending so massively simply because I just cannot control myself around cheese. It’s pretty obvious why I am so obsessed with The Cheese Club right? Affordable, convenient and delicious!

Wait. I didn’t actually tell you the best part. The convenience part. If you order before 10.30 am, your order will be delivered on the same day. I placed my order at 9.45 am on a Friday and by 12.00 pm it was being packed into my fridge. This is an amazing service for last minute get togethers or just any Friday night really.

I am officially converted to The Cheese Club cause. My only real question is:




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