A Sunday in Trondheim...

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Last night was a fun night out in the town. Drinks were consumed, friends were met. Good times were had. I literally could not force myself awake this morning. Even now as I type this I am suffering from the latent exhaustion a night out on the piss tends to leave one with.

My only mission for today was to clean. Other than clean I planned to vegitate around not doing much at all. Oh what a fool I was to think that would ever happen! I am in Norway after all right? Land of the out door folk...

So my half asleep, grumpy and hungover ass was dragged off to Sverresborg - an out door folk museum that is not unlike a living history museum. I guess what makes this one so nice is that buildings from all over Norway were brought here and preserved. Its gorgeous, old and traditional.

In addition to the depiction of everyday life in Norway throughout a varied period of time, the museum also helps educate children on the ways of old. Kids come here and cast their own toy soldiers, they learn basic black smith tasks and how to make wooden coat hangers. Its all very DIY and exciting. Well if you are 10 [or me] it is.

It was a perfect way to spend a hungover Sunday. The fresh air and a dose of culture really helped cure what could have been a crappy hangover.

Aside from the permanent exhibitions at Sverresborg, they also host a bimonthly temporary exhibition. I was very excited to see that the current exhibition was the much acclaimed, and critised photography exhibition Miss Landmine 2009 - Cambodia.

Many may suggest that the exhibition is crass at best and exploitive of the victims at worst. I feel that it highlights the plight of these women. It also helps to make their everyday reality not an exsitance riddled by shame but one where they are allowed to feel gorgeous and beautiful - like they are.

Tomorrow is Monday, I have a swine flu vaccine and a day at Trondheims lovely indoor pool to look forward to. As far as Sundays go, this one was pretty awesome.

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