Good tidings of joy!

Monday, December 26, 2011

 Yesterday was Christmas! My first Christmas at home in two years. Need less to say it was AMAZING! I have the best family in the world and I love them dearly. I am so happy that I can look forward to many many more Christmas' at home with them. 

Here are some badly edited images of the festivities, I am stuffed like a hog and drunk on delicious wine and {almost} too much love, so please forgive my laziness with the collage. 

Christmas Eve was spent decorating the tree, eating tapas, drinking wine and playing in the garden with sparklers. Ella is very cautious with them and tends to not have as much fun as the rest of us. 

Christmas lunch was eaten Al Fresco on the terrace, Ella "helped" decorate. I cooked 2 ducks and a pork belly (some things about Norway were harder to forget than others). The weather was lovely and hot too which helped the booze find my brain. 

All in all it was a divine day! As all Christmas' should be! Happy, merry, new everything! 

Lots of love! 

Retro Africa in Marie Clarie's January 2012 Issue

Saturday, December 24, 2011

How lovely is this retro styled fashion shoot in January's Marie Claire? It calls to mind those iconic images of Miriam Makeba in Sophiatown and Drum Magazine covers... 

The bright shades of make up are so totally bold. The coral lipstick in the left image does remind me a little of "Black Face" though. Everything sort of pops out at you, and the colour combinations are scream summer! 

The right images makes me miss the wardrobe I used to have. I wish I had my old clothes back from Oslo already. I have a very similar dress to the one pictured. 

Cheeky cheeks! This shot is beautiful, her posture, the colours, the way her mouth is just a bit open. I love it. Its so great to see magazines making use of such wonderful imagery. 

What do you think of this shoot? Yes or No? 


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Go, Tell It On The Mountain!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas// Happy New year -- may you eat, drink and be oh so merry! 


An Illustrated Life: Danielle Kroll

Monday, December 19, 2011

Have you gus seen the gorgeous illustrations by Danielle Kroll? She draws her outfits. I have seen quite a few bloggers do this in recent times, but none as individually or artistically as Danielle's 'what i wore' posts. 

Here, have a look: 

Visit Danielle's blog for more lovely images and 'what i wore' posts. 

In other news, how stoked are we about Christmas? It temperatures are reaching sexy levels here in Cape Town and the hotter it gets the happier I am! 

Big hugs! 

Just a minute: goodbye Movember // hello December

Thursday, December 01, 2011

I know this is totally cliche but OH MY GOD IT IS DECEMBER ALREADY!!! How did this happen? I blinked and the year ended. So n honor of month's ending and month's beginning,  I want to introduce my short monthly catch up. I have adopted the format of this of Adeline, who is so very amazing at writing her "Just a Minute" posts that I thought I would do it too. 

Buying: Summer frocks, more on this later :) 

Drinking: South African wine! Hooray for living in a wine producing country again!!! So many very exciting blends.  

Eating: Salad. Its summer here now and summer in Africa is muay caliente! Usually around 30 ish degrees. In my mind thats too hot for cooked food. 

Listening To: Bon Iver - so much of it that I feel like my thoughts are being processed to their music.

Reading: Or rather colouring, Colour Africa Proverbs is the first in a series of children's colouring books that illustrate African proverbs. I had originally bought it for my niece but ended up keeping it and colouring it in myself. 

Going To: Cold Turkey - the biggest, dub step bbq in the Southern hemisphere. 

Loving: My awesome new job! 

What Ella Wore

Monday, October 24, 2011

 We often hear that fashion is for all shapes and sizes, and I think ages too. My lovely niece, light of my life, Ella is only 3, but she is already a precocious little madame. 

She picks her own outfits for school and like us, she occasionally misses the mark a bit, but most of the time she is quite spot on. Her adorable 3 year old styling has prompted me to add a "What Ella Wore" thread to the blog. 

This was the outfit she picked for school today. 


I probably wont blog too much about her as she is very difficult to photograph, but you can expect to see more of her! 

Happy Monday!! 

Working Girl: First day at my new job!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I am a working girl! I have a new job that is beyond fantastic and probably the closest I will get to my DREAM this side of 30. Yesterday was my first day and as I haven't really had a regular job for quite some time I was a bit at a loss about what one wears... So I came up with many outfits, tried on, took off, different hair, different accessories  etc etc. Summer in cape Town also makes it a bit difficult as it is exceptionally warm. 

Eventually I settled on the following: 

Comfortablly casual with small hits of business. What do you think? 

 Top: Agyness Deyn for Mr. Price  Three Quarter Trousers: Country Road 

Bag: Chloe {a few seasons old, but one of my fav's as its HUGE} Shoes: Country Road 

Anyway, that's me at work. Today I am all in black! Not blog worthy I'm afraid! I really want to tell you all about the best mascara in the world. I have found it, and it is ridiculous. When I went to work this morning someone actually thought I had fake lashes on! Yes! That good! But that's for tomorrow. 

This weekend I am off to the markets! Will blog about it on Sunday eve! I can't wait to share my little slice of Africa with you! 


With love, from a wonderfully rocked daisy!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This past weekend Capetonians {which is what us mountain dwellers call ourselves} flocked to the little farm populated town of Darling {best name for a town, ever} to enjoy the sunshine, 33 degrees and then some, some music, and fabulous wine.

Rocking The Daisies music festival is held every year at the beginning of Spring. And really what it is is just a fabulous celebration of South African music and fun. I had a blast! I'm not usually one for tents and roughing it but this years festival proved to be quite a luxurious experience.

Here are some pics:

The main stage, BAKING under the sexy African sun 

 This guy! He is a man with a plan. 

Tree of love 

The festival is quite concerned with social responsibility, especially when it comes to this great Earth we live on. Even the signs to the recycle bins were made of recycled materials. 

More recycled recycling

 There was also a bit on an exhibition. Not very interesting but I quite liked this photograph. 

Some LOVELY vintage goodies were found by yours truly :) 

Daisy lights! 

So yes, this was my weekend. In other news life back home has taken a very delightful swing in very delightful directions. I am very sorry that I haven't been blogging much but there has been much on the agenda and now that life has settled down you can expect frequently frequent updates! 

Hope you are all having a tasty Tuesday! I am off to eat some lunch at Birds Cafe in the center of Cape Town now. Hmmm, I will HAVE to blog about that later. Birds is a divine experience. 

Love! Love! Love! 

Monday Music Moments: a life on the go go go!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Ahhh! Long time no post my lovelies! I am terribly sorry for the radio silence. The first two weeks of being back home have flown by in a whizz! I will be much better at blogging from now on.

On that note, let's get the week started with a bit of the groovy stuff. Here is my contribution to your Monday morning playlist:

Jamie Woon's Night Air!

This song makes me feel like Eve in the Garden of Eden. Happy Monday dollies!

6477 Miles: Back to Winter // Looks I love!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

6477 miles is the distance between Cape Town, South Africa & Oslo. I will be tagging my travel posts with 6477 miles so all you lovely readers will know when its just me going off on a tangent about how wonderful South Africa is!

For those of you that have never been to Cape Town or South Africa, it warrants a mention that I am heading back to winter. Winter in South Africa is different from region to region, in Cape
Town the average winter temperature is usually between 16 and 24 degrees Celsius. Not so bad, actually freakishly similar to Oslo in Spring. I am packing now and I must say, I am
quite excited to be fashion forward in winter wear. Even though I adore Oslo & even adore the cold months it's not that easy too be be super flash in winter chic here, icy, salted road and extremely cold weather doesn't really inspire me.

Some of the looks I am hoping to rework for winter in Cape Town are maxi skirts, wide brimmed hats, chunky knitted scarves & snug chunky knit cardi's. Here is a mood board of my winter fashion inspo:

Floppy, wide brimmed hats

Chunky scarves

Maxi skirts {GREAT multi season trend here folks!}

& of course, not forgetting my favorite, the chunky cardi!

Happy Tuesday folkens!

Monday's Music Moment: Lover Lover ♥

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hey friends!

It's Monday and Monday always pains me a little. Here's a great little song to help us through it!

Hope you enjoy!

Freebirds by Lover Lover

Monday Music Moments

Monday, April 18, 2011

This song has been the soundtrack to my day today. How to dress well is on the top of my most favorite musicians list. Just listen to what he did with an R Kelly track. Its soulful, sad and yet at the same time hopeful.


Hope you all had a divine Monday! The weather certainly played along, it was absolutely beautiful out in Oslo today!

Summer is all about the hair bling!

Friday, April 08, 2011

So I basically always have issues with my hair. Its long and thick and unruly. But this summer I am so determined to tame the beast! Yes, it's true, summer 2011 is all about the hair bling for me.

Here is my inspo board. Turbans. Head scarfs. Alice bands. Bow's. You name it. This summer I will rock it.

Conjuration on Etsy

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Hello fellow lovers of all things vintage, or almost. I recently found a store on Etsy that I had to show you, her pictures are just too ridiculously cool for words. Lately I have been so inspired by how people style and present their wares on Epla & Etsy, mostly because I am on the hunt for inspiration for shooting my next batch of dresses.

Today's photo inspirations comes from Conjuration on Etsy:

This was a listing for the gorgeous dress she is wearing in this image. I just love it. It doesn't feel like a sales image and yet, it makes me want to own that dress.

In this image the corset was for sale. The mask is genius. Adding the slightly disturbing to quite a soft feminine image is so intriguing. It makes you want to look at it.

This image was used in the listing for the velvet cape she is wearing. Just as hauntingly beautiful as the previous two.

So inspiring.
Happy Tuesday peoples!

Sushine Sunday's

Monday, March 21, 2011

We were at the Sunday market this weekend having a pretty awesome sale.
For those of you reading my blog that don't live in Oslo, the location of the Sunday Market is along the river. It's so pretty in an urban, run down sort of way. The graffiti decorating the area is spectacular.

Arriving early on just under 4 hours sleep. Meh.

Super cute Easter decor from Monica Søvik Design

♥ Bare Egil ♥

Setting up - I need to pimp my stall out with some signs and decor. Will be working on that soon.

Some of the lovey graff stuff.

Happy Monday!

Spoiled Beauty: Mmmm... Love!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Last weekend I got a new nail polish from H&M called spoiled beauty. Its divine. To me, this color is spring. I've used it twice now, and I am seriously considering taking my butt back to H&M to get two more bottles just in case...

It's very seldom that I find a pale pink that suits my skin tone, especially not for 39.50 kr!

Now I am off to walk Berte, the beautiful Boxer I am dog sitting this weekend. She's a dream!
Hope you are all having a splendid Saturday!

☮ + ♥

I'm such a slut for stripes!

Friday, March 18, 2011

So despite the weather in Oslo today [snow] I am determined to believe that Spring is on its way.
Normally I usually have a giant fashion boner for floral and pastels in Spring, but this year, I am really feeling stripes. Now, I know what you're going to say, stripes/nautical vibes are kinda last season. To those naysayers, I say I care not!

Bit of a stripe explosion here for your viewing pleasure:

As Marian Keyes said,
"The years have been kind to me, it's the weekends that have done the damage"
Have a good one!

Friday Fav's Part 5: Affordable Luxuries!

Friday Favorites time again! Woohoo! This week I was inspired by a post I saw on the Epla Forum, about March being a relatively slow month for sales. Probably for many reasons, for us its been ok. But it got me thinking about how expensive life in Oslo can be. So in that chain of thought, this weeks fav's are all under 200 kr! Not that you could tell by looking at them, they are all too lovely!

[You'll notice I squeezed in a few pillows, I'm in a pillow phase now]

Anti-Clockwise from the left:
[1.] Ah! I just love the colors on this pin cushion. So pretty. 85kr [2.] Gorgeous white floral candsticks. These would look sooo good on my kitchen table! [3.] Vintage 70's throw pillow. The patterning is divine. [4.] Whoa now! I stumbled upon these beauties, in my size! Which almost never happens as I've elephant feet. Gorgeous!

Anti-Clockwise from the left:
[1.] Love this belt, the buckle is spectacular. [2.] Super fun turquoise polka dot earrings. [3.] Bangles! What's not to love. One of my most favorite sounds is the jingle of chunky bangles. [4.] Yes, I know, another pin cushion, what's going on? Its just so cute, I'm such a sucker for small bits like this! [5.] Seat cushion, so spring inspired. I can just picture this decorating a bench on my imaginary balcony.

So that's my fav's for this Friday. I'm really happy with the selection.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Go out and enjoy some sun!
☮ + ♥

Off Off Off Off

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Hello Friends!

Lately I have been feeling so bored! And in need of a challenge. Nothing big, just something to take my mind somewhere new. I need to learn a lesson, get lost in an experience. Knowing myself as well s I do I know that this feeling of general blahness is probably nothing, so I think the cure is a few days with the internet. Real Life!

Oh my god how scary.

In the meantime, here's a plastic fork carpet to keep you entertained!

Image via We Make Carpets

To the max!

Friday, February 25, 2011

*Trend Alert*

Maxi skirts are back for Spring/Summer! Love it! I am not brave enough to rock it yet as Oslo is a frozen wasteland, but you can bet your buns that as soon as the ice clears and normal shoes become, well normal again, I will be frolicking in the parks in maxi skirts! Bring on summer yo!

Happy weekend all!

Etsy supply shopping!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ski World Cup opens in Oslo today. The city is abuzz with ski nuts! My defense? Stay indoors and buy pretty supplies on Etsy! Here, have a look at what I got:

[1.] Vintage Manila tags for when I flog my wares at the market! So pretty!

[2.] Gorgeous blue lace to tie up my packages when I post dresses all over Norway - I love small details like well wrapped packages :)

[3.] Vintage gold safety pins to attach said tags to dresses - love the quirky shape of these pins!

So that's my Wednesday morning! Now I have to write a proposal and obsessively check the tracking number on my newest batch of dresses! I can't wait to get them!

Sunday's in the city: Welcome to the hood!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Oslo is so beautiful in the winter. Even though its pretty freezing, it's hard to be down when this is what you are surrounded with, perfect for Sunday walks.

Frogner Park under snow.

I dream of living here.

Or playing here.

A fortress in the middle of Frogner.

Art Deco wonderment.

<3 Hope you all have a divine weekend <3


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